(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – Powell’s Pub – June 24, 2014 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a 2014 game written by a member of the More Beer Less Pants trivia team. Most likely Scott. My attempts to answer these questions and my commentary will be indicated in this color

Playing MTL Monday night at Powell’s Pub brought MBLP back to Earth. Actually, it humbled quite a few teams. The league-wide progressive pot came to Powell’s last night, and since no one has won it in a while, the prize has grown to $425. There was even a team that drove down from Flint, just for a shot at the progressive pot! I suspect that because the pot was up for grabs, the questions were skewed a bit to the harder side to keep the scores wide open. There was more than one question that no team got right or only one team got right. Let’s see how you do:

1) What is the home town of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones cartoon series? Bedrock
2) In 2014, the tallest waterslide in the world opened up in what US state? Florida? NO idea. 
3) The North American Atlantic hurricane season begins in June and ends in what month? October? 
4) Within 2, what shoe size does LeBron James wear? Yes… this was a question asked. Luckily they allowed for a 2 size spread. I’m guessing 17. No idea. 
5) Elwin Brooks White is the author of Charlottes Web, The Trumpet of the Swan and what other book from 1945? Many groans after this one. Famous book, but many teams missed it, as did we. Nope. 
6) In Greek mythology, what is the name of the god that rules the underworld? My husband’s guess is Pluto. 
7) And more Mythology (bonus question) – In Roman mythology, who is the daughter of Jupiter and the goddess of wisdom? Athena is husband’s guess. 
8) What was the name of a popular TV show where dancers would line up in two rows, facing each other, so individual dancers could show off their moves? After a few tough questions, they had to throw in a softball like this. Unless you’re under the age of 25 or so, then this question is probably tough. No idea from me. 
9) What was the specific name of the spacecraft that John Glenn flew when he orbited the earth in 1962? We picked the one immediately before… crap. Nope. Husband has no clue either. 
10) What was the original name of America Online when they were founded in the early 1980’s? This one had the entire bar, except for one player, calling shenanigans. Had that one person not objected, the question would have been thrown out. Nope. 

Halftime – Music Lyrics
In the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”, there are a number of Caribbean destinations named. Other than Kokomo, name 4 of the 9 other locations named in the song. Is it sad that I was able to name 8 of those 9 with relative ease? Probably not, as most teams got full points on this one.

I’m going to sing this one…Aruba…Jamaica ooh I’m gonna take ya to Bermuda…Bahama…come on pretty Mama…Key Largo…Montego…and then Kokomo (which I’m presuming is NOT Kokomo Indiana)! 

After halftime, our duo was sitting in 5th with 31 points, out of a possible 40, with 2nd though 4th each one point higher. The team at the top was “On a Mission”, aka the Curmudgeons, with 38. And for those that have played them… yes, she had her spiral notebook.

Round 2
1) What was the first city in the US to hire a female officer with arrest powers? (Newsletter clue) No idea
2) What does tiramisu mean in Italian? Ladyfingers (know for sure)
3) What was the name of the neighborhood pub on the sitcom Three’s Company? Regal Beagle
4) What current hit TV series is the most watched HBO series ever? There must have been a different question writer for the 2nd half. Current for 2014? I’m guessing Sex and the City. No idea. 
5) What was the nickname of boxer Joe Frazier? I’m guessing “Smilin’ Joe.” This is a Bradagory. 
6) Who was the only president born on the 4th of July? That one who was sworn in by daddy…YES GOOGLE SAYS I’M RIGHT (pardon me while I do a victory lap in my living room LOL)
7) What is the name of BB King’s guitar? Lucille (know this for sure)
8) What abundant resource did Native Americans use to barter with Europeans in the 1600’s? This one seemed easy to us, but tripped up a few teams. Tobacky is my guess. 
9) What was the title of the first film starring Elvis Presley? Torn between two… and picked the wrong one. Not good at this kind of stuff. Heartbreak Hotel? Jailhouse Rock? 
Going into the final, we had made up some ground and were sitting in 2nd place with 63, with On a Mission holding the lead with 68. Then we were hit with this cupcake final question:

In 1956, what US Senator won the Pulitzer Prize for writing 8 biographies of heroic acts done by other Senators? (This is VERY paraphrased. I stopped writing down the question early on as we knew this one instantly)

I’m guessing JFK. Profiles in Courage. 

So needless to say, most teams got this one and we stayed in 2nd. But that’s another $20 in Powell’s cash.

Now on to the Progressive question for $425:
What smooth peanut butter candy, with crunchy shell, was introduced in 1905 by the Necco Candy Company and is still sold today?


No one got it, so the pot goes up to $450 somewhere else next week.

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