(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – July 31, 2014 – Wurst Bar (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a July, 2014 trivia game written by a member of the More Beer Less Pants trivia team. My attempts to answer these and my commentary will be in this color.

For a change of pace, MBLP decided to venture away from our current home of Powell’s Pub and instead hit up The Wurst Bar in Ypsi. We also went there with the added motivation of playing against another duo that regularly plays at The Wurst. We will be teaming up with these guys in the upcoming MTL tournament. Our future “teammates” regularly dominate this location.

1)What product uses the slogan “Good to the last drop”? Maxwell House

2)In the Looney Tunes cartoon franchise; what is the name of the company that Wiley E. Coyote (super-genius) buys his gadgets used to capture the Road Runner? Acme

3)What newspaper uses the tagline, “All the news that’s fit to print”? New York Times

4)What city has the largest Chinatown (by population) outside of Asia?
– This one was a coin toss for us. Unfortunately, we picked tails when we should have gone heads. I’m guessing the “coin toss” for MBLP was between New York and San Francisco. If I had to guess, I’d guess San Francisco. No idea. 

5)What NFL team did John Madden coach for 10 years? Not my category. 

6)Who played Louie DePalma in the TV series Taxi? Devito

7)BONUS TV – What city was the setting for the TV cop drama “Homicide: Life on the Streets”? UGH Doctor cop lawyer shows my kryptonite…

8)Who released the album “Greeting from Asbury Park” in 1973? Springsteen

9)Which holiday has the 2nd most greeting cards sold, after Christmas?
– Same problem as with the Chinatown question. Two choices, wrong selection. Mother’s Day my guess. 

10)In 1968, who said that in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes? Warhol.

Halftime – Movies Sequels
Name the sequel to each movie
a)The Whole Nine Yards Nope
b)American Werewolf in London American Werewolf in Paris
c)Escape from New York Escape from LA
d)Fletch Fletch Lives

After getting all 4 correct we were tied for second, three points behind our friendly rivals.

11)Newsletter question – Who was the first Roman emperor: Tiberius, Caligula, Augustus or Claudius? Guessing Tiberius (James Kirk’s middle name)

12)In what city does Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet take place? Verona

13)Which MLB player has the most hits of the 2000’s? (2000-10) Not my category

14)Not counting the Railroads or Utilities, how many properties are available for purchase in a standard game of Monopoly? My guess is 22

15)According to the Hanukah song (NOT the Adam Sandler one) what is a dreidel made out of? Clay who says you can’t learn anything from South Park?

16)What is the only element on the periodic chart with a name that is only 3 letters? No idea

17)What awards are given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press each January? No idea

18)Who served two terms as the Vice President under Dwight Eisenhower?
– FINALLY! A last regular round question that we didn’t screw up! Nixon

Going into the final, we had made up some ground, but were still one point behind, sitting in 2nd place.

Final category – Magazines
This category has both won us money and cost us money. Luckily for us, this league allows you to bet after you hear the question:
In 2005, the cast of the show LOST was featured as the “Entertainers of the Year” in Entertainment Weekly. In 2006, another TV show cast was given this honor. Name that show.

My guess is Arrested Development. No clue. 

Well, that was good enough for an “all-in” bet. Our competitors on the other hand didn’t fare as well. Victory for MBLP! And $30 for another visit to The Wurst.

The bar also has a weekly progressive pot question. It seemed like they just randomly picked a team to go up for the question. For a chance at $80, they were given this one that we thought was a softball:

In 1507 Morten Waldseemüller was the first to use what name to describe the New World?

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