(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – May 13, 2014 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a game written by the team More Beer Less Pants from 2014. My attempts to answer these questions and my commentary will be in this color

MBLP has been laying low for a few weeks. But last night our duo ventured out to Powell’s Pub in Ypsi to use up some really old gift certificates and play some My Trivia Live.

Round 1
1) In what US city would you find LaGuardia Airport? New Yawk
2) What 1980 movie brought us the line “We’re on a mission from God.”? Blues Brothers
3) Hogan’s Heroes was set during what war? WW2? I know there were Germans..a bit before my time

Round 2
4) What is the main ingredient in Gazpacho soup? Tomatoes (Mike loves this stuff)
5) Bevo the steer is the mascot for what college? Not my category
6) Who wrote the peom “The Road Not Taken”? Robert Frost
7) In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, what did he say his “mistresses eyes were nothing like”? The Sun (also name of sting solo album)

Round 3
8) What sportswear company was founded in Italy in 1911? Adidas? No idea. Nope.
9) What is the name for the medieval practice of trying to turn lead into gold? Nerdy husband says alchemy
10) What basketball player from the 1960s is the all-time scoring leader in NCAA history? Not my category

Given the year and movie, name the winner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
a) 2010 – The Fighter Christian bale
b) 1995 – The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey
c) 1991 – City Slickers Jack palance
d) 1990 – Goodfellas Joe Pesci

I think I got all of these…

Round 4
11) Who was Herbert Hoover’s Vice-President? (Newsletter clue) Wendell Wilkie? No idea. 
12) On the TV show Mike & Molly, who plays “Mike”? That fat guy…Kevin…also played Paul Blart GOD I SHOULD KNOW THIS…pardon me while I yank my hair out Ahhh google says it’s James (I KNEW it was a “first name last name”)
13) What film from 1998, besides Saving Private Ryan, was set during WWII and was nominated for Best Picture? -This was a bad question, as there where THREE nominated movies that year, set during WWII. Uh, that Roman Polanski “joint,” The Pianist? Or was it The Reader? No idea. Google tells me “no go” on my guesses (hangs head in shame). 

Round 5
14) What alloy do you get when you mix copper and tin? A “loser” medal at the Olympics (LOL)
15) Who gave the “Sinew of Peace” speech in 1946, popularizing the phase “Iron Curtain”? Some Russian dude…Stalin? No idea. Brad is better with this stuff. Could not have been FDR since he was dead. 
16) Name 1 of the 2 countries that make up the “Mosquito Coast”. No idea. All I know is I would NEVER visit a place with such a name #confessionsofamosquitomagnet

Round 6
17) What is the 2-person game, called “draughts” in the UK, called in the US? I know Mike or Brad would know this…no clue from me. 
18) Complete the title of a 1965 song by Tom Jones: What’s new ______? Pussycat
19) How many tennis Grand Slam events are there each year? I dunno…four? U.S. Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon and…Virginia Slims tournament? 

Heading into the final, we had a 6 point lead over 2nd place, and there was no looking back.

Final – Politics
What one US state currently has the two longest serving members of the House of Representatives?

Is it the one Jeff Sessions is from? No idea. Mike and Brad better with these things.

That’s another $30 of Powell’s money for us. And at Powell’s, $30 goes a looong way.

I wonder if their regular teams feel deflated when they see us walk in?

Hmmmm…I wonder if any of those teams miss US! Gonna find out soon enough. 

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