(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – Dec. 28, 2014 – Cub’s AC (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a  recap of a 2014 game written by a member of the league team More Beer Less Pants. Cub’s AC no longer hosts trivia nights, and the location is now part of a bowling alley complex called Revel and Roll in Ann Arbor, MI. Just as a side note, some friends and I used to frequent Cub’s AC for their karaoke nights! 

My attempts to answer these question and commentary will be in this color.

A trio from MBLP went to Cubs AC on Friday night to play some MTL and take a shot at the $550 progressive pot that Cubs was offering. The progressive pot at Cubs regularly gets up to the $300-$400 range, but this is the first time I can remember it going up to $550. Unlike the pot offered at Powell’s Pub, this is a straightforward one-question, right or wrong challenge. Unfortunately for us, we weren’t one of the top 3 teams for the night, so we didn’t get a chance for the pot.

1)At what University was Gatorade developed? UCLA? No idea. Derp this must be florida state or university  of fla.

2)Which city does not have Disneyland: Hong Kong, London, Paris or Tokyo? London? 

3)What character did the Olsen twins portray on the show “Full House”? Let’s see, some little brat…name escaping now, though it’s probably in my brain somewhere.

4)Vanilla Ice stole the riff from what Queen song for “Ice Ice Baby”? Under Pressure (first one of this game I know for sure)

5)What two-time Olympic gold medalist is known by the nickname, “The Flying Tomato”?
-When was the last time anyone used this phrase? No clue. 

6)On the Department of Homeland Security terror threat color scale, what is the lowest color rating?
– Do they even use this color scale anymore? I’m wondering if MTL is recycling some old questions for the holidays. Nope.
Bonus – What color is the passport for a US diplomat? Nope.

7)What items were thrown a George W. Bush at a 2008 press conference in Iraq? I’m guessing potatoes. No idea. 

8)In Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, what was Charlie’s last name?
– First miss of the night, off by one letter…. Ouch. My nerdy husband is now awake and says this answer is “Buckets.” 

9)What Japanese word translates to “empty orchestra”? Funny I mentioned this word in my opening lines of this…

Halftime – Animated Songs
Name the animated movie based on the title of a song in the movie.
a)Bear Necessity Jungle Book
b)If I Didn’t Have You Nope
c)Best of Friends Fox and the Hound? 
d)A Whole New World Aladdin

Missed B.
Finishing the first half, we were tied for 3rd, chasing a team with a perfect game. Later it was discovered that they were cheating. Really, you don’t say? I never would have guessed that that team sitting behind the wall, with the perfect game, was cheating.

Editor’s  note: I wonder if this was the team that I think it is…one member of MBLP messaged a photo of players on a cheating team to me before, unsure if this is correct team or not. 

10)Newsletter – What type of animal is a “stoat”: fish, mammal, reptile or bird? mammal

11)What is Mardi Gras the French phrase for? Fat tuesday ( in red)

12) In the Sound of Music, what are the first names of the two Von Trapp boys?
-We had one, but not the other. Don’t know any Von Trapp kids names except Liesl….

13) What is the name of the mathematical equation: A2+B2=C2? Not my category 

14)What is the only city to have both a Superbowl and Stanley Cup champion in the same calendar year? I’m guessing Philadelphia. 

15) In a standard game of Monopoly, if you own Indiana and Illinois Avenues, what is the 3rd property you need to complete the series?  Kentucky was my guess, and google says yes. 
– When will we ever study the Monopoly board? These always come up, and we always struggle with them! We got this one based on an educated guess and some a little bit of luck.

16) What planet was once named Herschel, after the person that discovered it?
-eenie, meenie, miney, oops we picked the wrong one. Not my category. I know it’s NOT Kepler. With a name like this, it’s got to be a German dude. 

17)What type of car does Pink drive in the video for her song, “Get this Party Started”?
– Really MTL? A question about a music video from 14 years ago? Needless to say, we did not get this one. Although the correct answer was thrown out there as a possible answer.

A whole lotta nope. 

18)What TV network was the first to broadcast news 24 hours a day? gotta be CNN

Going into the final, we managed to drop a couple of places. Not a good 2nd half effort on our part, and with this category it wasn’t going to be a good final effort either.

Final – Highways
The US highway, I-40, has a westernmost point in California. Where is the easternmost point of I-40?

When it comes to highways, if we haven’t driven on it, we don’t know it. None of us remember driving on it…

My guess would be Massachusetts. Nope, google says not correct. 

Oh well, we can take this as a learning experience: Time to study up on Monopoly and highways.

The progressive pot question was about Comedians: According to Forbes magazine, who was the highest paid comedian in 2013?

No one got it, so next week the pot goes to $600 which is where it will stay due to tax liabilities.

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