(STOLEN RECAP) Trivia Recap – Jan. 4, 2014 (unknown MTL Tournament Location, MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a MTL tournament game from January, 2014 written by the team More Beer Less Pants. My attempts to answer these questions and my commentary will be in this color. 

MBLP went out this afternoon for a tournament. Yes, a tournament. You can still find those if you know where to look. However, the results at the end of the day may have made us appreciate the new Sporcle rewards system, since you are less likely to have a couple of poorly written questions cost you money. See if you can spot them:

Round 1
1) Singers – What singers started out 2013 by breaking up with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber? I don’t know this tweenie stuff. Ha wikipedia says I’m right…
2) Games – Based on the number of monthly active users, what was the most popular game played on Facebook in 2013? I’m guessing Candy Crush Saga. No idea. 
3) Food – In 1994, what was the first genetically modified food sold in the US? Nope…

Round 2
4) Models – What model was named the Style Magazine 2013 model of the year, and will make her acting debut in 2014, starring opposite Cameron Diaz? No idea. 
5) Royals – What current member of the British monarchy has parents that made their fortune by starting a chain of party supply stores? I’m guessing Camilla Parker Bowles. No idea. 
6) Lyrics – What Johnny Cash song contains the following lyric: I’ve been tryin’ to tell ’em that I didn’t do no wrong, only gave you what you been deservin’ all along Folsom Prison Blues? 

Round 3
7) Geology – The volcano Tamu Massif, located in the Pacific Ocean, is thought to be one of the largest volcanoes in the solar system. What does Tamu stand for? Mike might know this…I got nothin’. 
8) People – According to Yahoo.com, who replaced Kim Kardashian as the most searched for celebrity in 2013? Uh…that princess lady? Kate? No clue. 
9) Insurance – What company became the first to issue automobile insurance policies, doing so in 1898? Nationwide? No idea. 

Halftime – 1970’s Sitcoms
Name the 70’s sitcom, based on the following descriptions:
A) African American family, living in the Chicago housing projects Good Times (or what’s happening). 
B) Recently divorced mother moves to Indianapolis with her two teenage daughters One Day at a Time? 
C) African American couple builds a successful business and move into a luxury high-rise in New York City Jeffersons
D) NYC police precinct where the detectives deal with the neighborhood and the quirky people that live there Barney Miller

Round 4
10) Phrases – If someone places a Craigslist ad and includes the phrase “Caveat emptor”, what does that mean? buyer beware (know that for sure)
11) Books – What children’s author published an anti-war book in 1984 titled “The Butter Battle Book”? Seuss
12) Sports – What US president persuaded college officials to allow the forward pass, after a rash of fatalities in college football? Ford? No clue. 
Round 5
13) Candy – What company’s iconic packaging is based on a piece of embroidery hanging in the founder’s living room? Whitman’s sampler
14) Movies – What 2000 film starred Johnny Depp, Judi Dench and Juliette Binoche? chocolat
15) Music – What song was first recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1964, has been covered by numerous others, most notably by James Taylor in 1975 – reaching #5 on the Billboard Hot 100? How sweet it is? No idea. 
Round 6
16) Space – What are the two planets in our solar system that DO NOT rotate counter-clockwise, when viewed from the north pole of the sun? Not my category…
17) Historical Quotes – What man, in the news last year, said the following: “Money will not create success, the freedom to make it will” nope. 
18) Technology – Known as “Interface Manager” during development, what was the name of the Microsoft operating system released in November 1985? Again, not my category…

Final – What current television show, first airing on September 24, 1968, was ranked #6 on the 2002 TV Guide list of 50 Greatest TV Shows?

Sixty Minutes is my guess (checks google). Yes, that is right! I am usually so shitty at MTL final questions…

In the end, the poorly written questions didn’t cost us as much as the final. Instead of going with the answer that was immediately written down, we went with the only other possible show… which as it turns out did not premier until 1969. Always go with your gut and don’t over-think the answers.

Well, onto the new season and a new venue. We’ll see you Wednesday at Fraser’s in Ann Arbor.

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