Wednesday’s Recap Is…Coming Soon (Feb. 14, 2019)

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Whether you don’t celebrate it, celebrate it by engaging in overly compensatory activities, indulging yours (or a loved one’s) sweet tooth, making sweet love by the fire or by watching your favorite “romantic” movies? Or watching the I Love Lisa episode of The Simpsons?  Well…have a “good one!” My husband and I are “staying in” tonight, and putting off our more “date like” activities until the weekend. For us? That means a hike and dinner afterwards! Though we did buy an oversized cupcake from Kroger and will be watching some movies and having drinks later.

I’ve always wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trip to Chicago so as to commemorate the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which occurred on this day in 1929!


This is a “re-enactment” of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

This week’s trivia game recap is a bit more… late than usual. I had to work a later shift today, and after work, my husband and I had a late lunch and some happy hour drinks to celebrate that HE GOT A RAISE! Rest assured, I didn’t have TOO many drinks (just one “bird bath” drink from Aubree’s) because I try to NEVER write trivia recaps while inebriated! The one time I tried doing so I fell asleep in my recliner!


This is a vodka/soda “birdbath” cocktail with just a splash of cranberry juice to make it all “Valentines-ish!”

I’ll be starting on that game recap in a bit! Again, happy Valentine’s Day! I may sort of “resent” that this holiday falls too close to my own birthday, but I have NO problem with little romantic gestures that people do for each other on this day – especially if some thought goes into them. My husband is munching on a bag of orange slices I picked up for him at the Circle K. May not be the most extravagant romantic gesture in the world, but he REALLY loves those things! See? THINK about what your loved one really likes on this day!

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