Trivia Recap – Feb. 14, 2019 – Corner Brewery

Answers in the comments.
Seven years ago Wednesday, a group of ‘Pods visited Arbor Brewing Company (Ypsilanti) (then called “The Corner Brewery”) for its first ever weekly trivia night in 2012! We felt it would be meaningful to mark that “anniversary” by…going out for trivia at this spot again! We’re no longer “regulars” in this bar’s bustling trivia scene, but have recently decided to try doing monthly games here. In Wednesday’s game, we had three “regulars” plus a few “guests.” No prizes, though we wound up finishing in fifth for the night (out of 18 teams in contention). We were pretty much a big “duh” on both final questions. You know it’s bad when you know more about a Simpsons parody of something… than you know about the thing it parodied! Case in point… Planet of the Apes. I have never watched any of the movies (including any of the “reboots”). It’s not that me never having watched any of these movies – or the movies having been released before or close to when I was born – is any excuse not to KNOW about them, mind you! I also have never seen The French Connection, though I was all “triviagasmic” when we had a question about that movie in round one!
Troy McClure is my all-time favorite Simpsons character. Which is sad because he was voiced by the late (and great) Phil Hartman!
Sigh. I may not have known the right answers to that Planet of the Apes final question…but I DO know the lyrics to the song from the Planet of the Apes musical (Stop the Planet of the Apes – I Want To Get Off) from The Simpsons….(ahem):
“I hate…every ape I see….from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z…oh they’ll never make a monkey out of me…”
I have witnesses! Matthew and I were joking about that Simpsons musical while we were in line for beer, and he heard me singing a bit of that silly song!
The joke’s on me! That final question certainly made a monkey out of me…
Want to read about questions we KNEW the answers to? Read on!
Game One
1. Ad Campaigns – Clydesdales and puppies are two animals which regularly appear in a advertisements for what company? 10
2. 2000s TV – What Comedy Central TV series debuting in 2013 is an educational series hosted by Derek Waters alongside an enebriated comedian? I LOVE THIS SHOW! 9
3. New York – Which of the five New York City boroughs is smallest by land area – at roughly half the size of the next smallest borough? 8
4. ’70s Movies – What 1971 film nominated for eight Oscars (winning five) including best picture, best director for William Friedkin and best actor for Gene Hackman? I hear this movie has a really wicked car chase (though I’ve never seen it), 8.
5. Sports Venues – What company has naming rights to the baseball park used by the Milwaukee Brewers? For a “nerd” bonus, in what city did this team play prior to relocating to Milwaukee? Got for for 1 plus the bonus.
6. Card Games – Which variant of rummy do players start with 10 cards each – and are players able to knock if they believe it will end the turn with the loest scores and are players allowed to play on opponent’s melds if their opponent knocks? 2
7. U.S. History – In response to what 1791 law that taxed a specific class of products, what rebellion that lasted until 1794 saw protesters – primarily in Pennsylvania – using violence and intimidation to prevent officials from collecting their taxes? 6
8. 20th Century Novels – What Hunter S. Thompson novel written in the 1960s was not published until 1998 when it was discovered by Johnny Depp whom later starred in a film adaptation of the same name? Miss for 5, though the right answer was considered…
9. ’80s Music – Canadian singer Alannah Myles’ only top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts is what 1989 single – for which she won the Grammy award for best female pop vocal performance? 4
10. Chemistry – In chemistry, what is the seven-letter word for any organic compound in which a carbon is bound to a hydroxyl function group including methanol, ethanol and propanol? 2
Mystery – Twisted Titles
Each correct response will include one exchanged letter. I think you all know how these work!
M1. – Milton Bradley game in which cows are launched toward an opponent’s boats based on coordinates you choose to attack
M2. – Match three style puzzle game released in 2012 in which you must created groups of Crawfords, Margolises, McCains and Williamses
M3. – 2011 Sandbox video game in which you acquire silent performers and use them to build a world around them
M4. – A mid 1980s video game in which the title birds will give clues to help you if you fail to shoot them with your zapper
Got all of these! E (Evan) was the MVP for this round…
Scores: Eighteen teams, scores ??? (second lowest 35) to 67 with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender in first. We were in fifth with 62 points.
Final Category – ’70s Movies
The 1968 film Planet of the Apes has four sequels released from 1970-1973, each of which has a title that begins with a different word. Give three of those four first words.
Of all the sci-fi nerds sitting at our table…(sigh) NOPE! Stop this planet of the apes – I want to get OFF!
Final standings: DFTSYB, 47; Second Place, 48; Your Resume Sucks, 83.
Game Two
1. On the Radio – What genre of music is the most ppular radio format in the United States with more than 2,100 stations for AM/FM frequencies? 4
2. Cocktails – According to the International Bartender’s Association, there are only two garnishes that adorn a standard bloody mary. Name one of those garnishes – both for a “nerd” bonus. Got one but not both for 5.
3. Important People – Warren Burger, Fred Vinson and Earl Warren are three of the most recent people to serve as the highest ranking person of what group? FB clue, 10
4. ’00s TV – Audio clue…
5. Wine – France is the leading exporter of wine along with the U.S. Name two of the other top wine exporting countries based on dollar value of the exported wine. 2
6. Novels – What word is in the title of an 1850 Nathaniel Hawthorne novel, a 1887 Arthur Conan Doyle novel and a 1905 Baroness Orczy novel? Mike the big hero here, 9.
7. ’80s Movies- What 1988 film featured the songs Don’t Worry be Happy and Kokomo on its soundtrack? 9
8. Statues – The Statue of Liberty in NY is primarily constructed of what metal? Miss for 1.
9. Opera- In what country is Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly set?
10. Basketball Teams – What basketball team has won more than 22,000 games since their founding in 1926 a majority of which were against the Washington Generals? You know a sports question is too easy if even I know it!
Visual Mystery –
Got all of these.
Scores: 17 teams, score ??? (second lowest team 360 to 61 with Macho Nachos in first. We were in fourth with 59 points.
Final Category – Baseball Teams
What is the only Major League Baseball franchise that has won exactly one World Series and lost exactly one World Series?
Game winners: Your Resume Sucks, 62; Money Badgers, 69; Ennui, 80.
Until next time, which will be the Star Trek theme night next Thursday! We’ll boldly go where no trivia team has gone before! JK…LOTS of trivia teams have played in the Haymaker bar before! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Cindy Crawford!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Feb. 14, 2019 – Corner Brewery

  1. Game one
    1. Anheuser-Busch (budweiser also accepted)
    2. Drunk History
    3. Manhattan
    4. French Connection
    5. Anheuser-Busch, Seattle
    6. Gin rummy
    7. Whiskey rebellion
    8. Rum diaries
    9. Black Velvet
    10. Alcohol

    M1 Cattleship
    M2 – Cindy Crush Saga
    M3 – Mimecraft
    M4 – Duck Hint

    Final question answers: Beneath

    Game Two

    1. Country
    2. Celery, lemon
    3. supreme court
    4. Grey’s Anatomy
    5. Spain, Italy, Australia, Chile
    6. scarlet
    7. Cocktail
    8. Copper
    9. Japan
    10. Harlem Globetrotters

    M1 – Brooklyn 99
    m2 bob’s burgers
    m3 vampire diaries
    m4 – moonlighting

    final question answer game two:
    houston astros

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