One-hundred Blog Followers? Thanks, Everyone!

I just noticed today that I now have 102 blog followers! Thanks…thanks!

I started this blog in 2011, but really didn’t do a whole lot with it until the latter part of 2016, when I started “moving over” recaps I’d been doing of trivia games for the previous few years. The whole “blogging” experience has been not unlike cooking pasta – sometimes you just have to fling the cooked pasta at the wall and see if it sticks. Likewise – write a blog – see what “sticks.” I wouldn’t say I’m fully getting the “hang” of blogging, but I’m trying to publish more of the blogs that you readers seem to like!

As I always like to say… “I’ll keep on writing ’em if you keep on reading ’em!”

Just as a “teaser,” be sure to tune in at midnight Sunday, February 11 – I will be posting a very “special” set of trivia questions in honor of my own birthday. It’s become kind of a “tradition” over the past few years to do these “birthday” question sets not only for my own birthday – but for the birthdays of my friends and family, too. The questions are about things I know about and love – and are not necessarily about me! Though there may be a question or two that is about me.

Thanks, as always,  for stopping by!

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