ANOTHER Recap From “About” Three Years Ago…Also, A Little Trivia “Update”

There were a couple of “interesting” games that happened about three years ago, one of which I was able to dredge up on this web site, the other one I had to do a little “sleuthing” via my trivia team’s Facebook page, which can be viewed here. Give it a “like” if you like!

One of the games was Feb. 4, 2016 at Sticks, and it was a pretty fun night! I was able to summon a fairly large group, which included our dear friend Sam, who had moved away in 2014. He was in town for a Super Bowl party, which was not exactly accurate! He was in town to hang out with his friends (and squeeze in a trivia game) – but the Super Bowl party was actually near Joliet, IL! It was a weekend-long “sleepover” deal involving all guys playing a variety of board games and at the weekend’s end, watch “The Big Game.” I jokingly called it a “slumber party.” Pssst…I used to kind of like having the weekend to myself when my husband would go out to these parties! I would always take the opportunity to watch movies he wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, such as Eyes Wide Shut and Wolf of Wall Street (I also watched Chicago on one of these “slumber party” weekends).  But alas, like all things, these Super Bowl parties have come to an end 😦 Although they might just be on hiatus (I honestly haven’t heard anything).


Sam – he was always the “spiritual leader” of our trivia team even when it was me doing all of the “hustling!”

Are you prepared for a “double feature?” Good! Because I have TWO trivia recaps to share from around three years ago today! You can read the “big team” recap here, and you can read a recap of a solo game I played while I was a “Super Bowl Party Widow” here.

And now, for a trivia “update!”


Anyone else a fan of the old Unsolved Mysteries series hosted by Robert Stack? That show used to scare the CRAP out of me if I was home watching it alone (as a teenager)!

A couple of things…one, our trivia night this week will be 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Original Gravity, and I SHOULD have four players at that game! I let Dave choose whether he wanted to play at Sticks or OG, and he chose the earlier game. Evan will also be joining us for this game, so it should be a pretty good team! I’m very excited about it! My trivial “focus” this season will be to play “winnable” games on nights when I can get a “crew” together (even if it doesn’t end up being the same night/ place every week). I’m hoping this “strategy” improves our chances of winning trivia prizes. Because really…isn’t that what pub trivia should be all about?


Though trivia prizes are nice when you win ’em, it’s also nice to be “in the game” with worthy adversaries. The OG trivia host said something to me in passing a few months ago regarding the competition at OG, which usually involved three decent teams battling it out:

Someone’s gotta challenge them besides the Spartas.

Challenge…accepted! In fact, I’ll consider it my sacred DUTY to help provide another decent team in the mix  at OG on this trivia night (if nothing else)! Amen to that!

In other news, I RSVPd for the Star Trek trivia theme night at Haymaker. It might just wind up being my husband and I playing, but he’s a HUGE Star Trek fan, and I’d be the worst wife in the world if I didn’t take him out for this theme night! A team name I’m thinking of using is “redshirt away team.” Wikipedia defines “redshirt” in this fashion: 

A “redshirt” is a stock character in fiction who dies soon after being introduced. The term originates from the original Star Trek (NBC, 1966–69) television series in which the red-shirted security personnel frequently die during episodes. Redshirt deaths are often used to dramatize the potential peril that the main characters face.


I remember getting all excited when I saw the 2009 Star Trek movie in theaters, and noticed that one of the “away team” members here was wearing a red shirt! I nudged my husband, and said, “Look, he’s wearing a red shirt!” And yes, the guy in the red shirt winds up…dying on the mission (after waiting too long to activate his parachute).

That’s about it for this trivia update. I’m feeling good about how things are shaping up with my trivia team this season…most importantly…it’s good to be able to REALLY look forward to trivia nights again! Letting go of making end of season tournaments my team’s focus has been the best thing I could have done for the other players on my team – and for my sanity!

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