Sticks For Trivia Tonight – Back To Where It “Almost” All Began Seven Years Ago…

Three of us will be meeting for trivia tonight at a bar called Sticks, which is so named because it has pool tables. Really, that’s why it’s called “Sticks!” It’s the “upstairs” section of Aubree’s bar/restaurant in Ypsilanti’s “Depot Town.” It’s had a trivia scene for quite a long time – if I had to guess, I’d say they’ve had trivia in this spot since 2009 or… earlier. I think maybe Aubree’s also had trivia downstairs at one point, too (I’ll have to ask the league “elders” about this – I’ve “heard” Aubree’s used to have trivia downstairs, but don’t quote me on it). As for me and my team? We started playing here in June of 2012. It all started as a place for me to kill some time while my husband Mike and trivia teammate Brad were finishing their board game night, and would join me for trivia when games were done. On nice nights, I’d walk down there and get a ride back home later. Sticks was the third “regular” trivia spot we played. Board game nights would later move to Tuesdays, and so the Sticks trivia nights came to an end. Though we have played here occasionally since that time!

Sometimes I’d start trivia games at Sticks by myself, but more often than not, Alex would help me hold down the fort. Alex was in his mid-20s at the time, and was every bit as “quirky” as you’d expect a Wisconsin native to be! He was in love with the “bottomless fries” special Aubree’s /Sticks had at the time, and would squirt dabs of ketchup on each of his fries before eating them (it was truly mesmerizing to watch). He kind of came to our trivia team by accident, having been an “orphan” on a trivia night at the Corner Brewery (he was the only one from his team to show up). So we “adopted” him, and he became our team’s “token millennial,” greatly helping us “old fogeys” answer questions about…things he knew about – but we didn’t! We also hung out with him outside of trivia games, at beer festivals, and when he’d drag us along to watch University of Minnesota college football, hockey and basketball games (he graduated from there).


Caption contest? Alex (in the green shirt) with our other friend Archie, whom has been called from “the bench” to help our trivia team more times than I can count!

Alex moved to Seattle in 2015. And a couple of years after that, we would get a virtual “replacement” for Alex! This player came in the form of a guy named Evan, who was, interestingly enough, the same age as Alex (they were actually both born in 1988). He messaged me randomly before a trivia tournament in August, 2017 asking if we needed players. A trivia host actually put him up to doing this (thank you, Tim)! We had a brief conversation about trivia strengths and of COURSE I asked him how old he was since our team needed “young blood,” but I basically said “Welcome aboard!” He’s played with us in every Sporcle Live tournament since then and has been a great help.

Though Evan was kind of a “replacement” for Alex in terms of being the same age and helping to fill in the same kind of “knowledge gaps,” the two guys really aren’t that much alike! Though Evan said he didn’t mind if we called him “New Alex!”


Evan is on the far right. Here he is with our team at the Sporcle Live League Championship in April, 2018.

Mike, Evan and I will be at Sticks doing trivia battle tonight. It will be nice to visit an “old” spot again! So many trivia memories here…

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