Fitness Update Du Jour (Jan. 31, 2019)

Well, it’s the last day of the month, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of starting – and sticking to a “fitness” routine! Nothing too complicated, really – just regular walks. I started stepping things up a bit a week or so ago, when I started walking for speed in a local shopping mall. Mall walking is DEFINITELY a thing! Lots of people visit malls just for this purpose. I can see the appeal – climate controlled environment, you can wear regular “street” clothes and not “workout” clothes, and unless a zombie apocalypse or there’s some kind of terrorism attack, malls are “generally” pretty safe places to be. I happen to work in a mall, so doing walks after work is extremely convenient – I can leave my coat in the store in which I work so I don’t have to rent a locker.

One circuit around this mall is a mile. Today I only did two circuits. I did three laps Wednesday, but wanted to take a little break today! I’ve been doing well with picking up the pace and getting the heart rate going during the mall walks – as well as covering a lot of ground. So sue me if I only did two miles today (LOL)! The two-mile walk took a half hour, which means a 4-mile-per hour pace (that’s about as slow as I’m allowing myself to be on a mall walk). I want to feel the burn! My pants are fitting looser…so I think I must be doing something right! I would love to see a real difference after another month or two.

What was on my randomly shuffled “playlist” today? A couple of tracks I “inherited” from my brother! When he bought me a mp3 player for Christmas about 15 years ago, he spotted me some of his own tracks on it. Today, the Radiohead tune and nine inch nails tune were my brother’s “jams!” I happened to like how they sounded while I was getting my “walk” on, so I decided not to skip them!

  1. National Anthem, Radiohead
  2. You Really Got Me, Van Halen
  3. Letting You, nine inch nails
  4. It’s My Life, Talk Talk
  5. Computer Blue, Prince and the Revolution
  6. Night on Disco Mountain, David Shire (Saturday Night Fever soundtrack)

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