Trivia Nights Will Be Thursdays…For A While

I just got word at work that truck schedules have been announced, and we won’t be getting deliveries on Friday for a while. Since that is pretty heavily tied into my job…this means I will have more Fridays off! And this also means Thursdays will work out well for trivia nights.

This coming Thursday, we plan to play at a place of auld…Sticks in Ypsilanti. For those not in the “know,” it’s the upstairs section at Aubree’s, a popular Ypsilanti bar/restaurant located in the historic “Depot Town” area. My team played here fairly regularly in the summer of  2012 and right up until the early part of 2013.

And because of its close to home location and icky winter weather – we may be playing some more games here in the future! I contacted Evan earlier today – whom is one of our team’s “reservists” and has helped us in several tournaments  – and he said he can come out to play. This is really good news – because it means we’ll have a team that will at least have a CHANCE at winning some prize money! We’ve played well together in the past. Evan’s younger age has proven to be a big help in filling many knowledge “gaps” on our team. Plus, he has a good attitude – and LOVES trivia! Most importantly? He’s good at trivia too!

Games at OG are not being quite ruled out. Some weeks it may work out better to play there than Sticks. If I can get at least three players who can come out there, that will give us a better shot at winning prize money than just my husband and I. That’s part of my goal – find a “winnable” spot. A place where we can have a shot at prize money. if we’re not in tournament contention, then we need to be making trivia nights worth our while somehow, don’t we? The fewer drinks we pay for, the better!

I am going to “attempt” to hustle extra players for games at Corner Brewery – at LEAST once per month. That is the only way we’ll have even a shot at winning prize money at this highly competitive place, where 10-plus player teams are the norm. Our next game here is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13 – and I have invited some “extra” players out to this game – including Kim, Evan and Archie. If they’re going to have the huge tables at Corner, might as well fill ’em up, right? This will keep Brad in the game somewhat, whom has many restrictions about where and when he will play. As I told him, “I can’t please everyone.”

What else is on the horizon? A special “birthday night” of trivia is planned for Monday, February 11! I’ll have at least a foursome of players for that game – in a place we’ve never played before! And because this place will give birthday “kids” $10 gift gift cards that can be used later, that will be a good reason to hit up the trivia scene on this night! Even if the trivia scene doesn’t end up being to our liking. A change of trivia “scenery” on my birthday? Yes please! My team seems kind of excited about it.

Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to get the team together. We’re a picky bunch, for one! We all have spots we just plain don’t want…to play. Hosts we don’t like. And  it’s even more frustrating when a trivia spot you THOUGHT would work out well – screws with you by changing the time! Case in point – Tower Inn changing its game times to 9 p.m.! I never have Wednesdays off from work, and have to work early – so 9 p.m. games on Tuesdays just do…not work. Sad thing is we won quite a bit of prize money there! And still have some to use! We’ll probably use it having lunch sometime. Or their Sunday “brunch” thing they do. Hmmm…


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