Short ‘n Sweet “Fitness Update!” (January 30, 2019)

I did a “mall walk” today, since weather is too brutally cold to be outside right now. I managed to cover three laps of the mall – which is “about” three miles – in 40 minutes! This was my best time yet! I shaved off five minutes from the last time I attempted a walk of the same distance.  My post-work walks have really become something I look forward to doing! Which I think is a good sign that I just might stick with this habit for a while!

What tunes did my Sandisk mp3 player pick randomly for me today? I have to say it did quite a good job! I didn’t have to do as much “skipping” as I normally do with the tracks!

  1. Always Something There To Remind Me, Naked Eyes
  2. Life in the Fast Lane, The Eagles
  3. Slide Away, Michael Hutchence/Bono (duet)
  4. Angelsea, Cat Stevens
  5. One Way Or Another, Blondie
  6. Worlock, Skinny  Puppy
  7. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, The Beatles
  8. Dancing in Heaven, Q Feel
  9. A Small Victory, Faith No More

Interesting…the track Worlock contained a sample from The Beatles’ song Helter Skelter, which reportedly inspired “The Manson Murders.” And the next song my music player picked was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer…which is about a psychopath named…Maxwell Edison! Remember that his last name is Edison, lest this come up as a question on trivia night…

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