My New Year’s Resolutions…

I don’t believe in making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. I’m not promising I’ll go to the gym every day, I’m not making a resolution to lose weight, I’m not making a resolution to finally write that damn novel, I’m not promising to stop drinking and I’m not promising I’ll stop making Simpsons memes. Let’s be realistic, shall we?


I’ve never been a heavy smoker, but I have cut way back as of late.

All of that said, here’s what I’m going to “try” to do in this new year:

  1. Drink less beer. Note this does not mean that I plan to stop drinking! Nor does this mean I won’t be drinking ANY beer. Just try to drink less of it. Mixed drinks with clear liquors, sparkling hard seltzers, ciders, etc. seem to make me less likely to have death-dealing hangovers from beyond the stars the next day. I work early shifts, so I can use all of the help I can get in this regard! Case in point, New Year’s Eve, I had three cherry ciders at a local watering hole, and some mead at home. I never felt overly full, and felt pretty… nice the next day!  Drinking less beer may also be better for my waistline. Did you know tequila is supposed to help you lose weight? Read more about that here. Keep in mind, it’s probably only when tequila is NOT used to make a margarita! And all bets are probably off if a single night’s worth of tequila – for yourself – is a fifth!  I’d certainly be up to putting my “mixologist” skills to work at making cocktails from some “fire water!” Maybe I’ll make “Mexico Mules.” My “goal” is for no more than two “beer” nights  per week maximum. Preferably on nights when I do not have to work the next day.
  2. Spend fewer nights out at the bar. Which we’ve already been doing anyway, so… keep up the good work? Good money saving plan if nothing else.
  3. Take at LEAST a 30 minute walk – with my husband – every day. Longer walks if we’re feeling extra perky. In cases of inclement weather, make up for it on another day. Or make up for it by shoveling snow (if we ever get any), doing housework, engaging in other “indoor sports,” etc.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables/fiber.
  5. Keep on writing! The blogging seems to be good for my mental health and a great creative outlet.
  6. Spend more time with my mom and dad. My mom has The Greatest Showman saved on her DVR – and I need to watch it with her! They’re such calm, chill people – and getting a dose of playing with their cats – well, only one – might do me some good. Only one of their cats is friendly enough to let me interact with them.
  7. Get more involved with the community. As a start, my husband and I plan to attend a meeting Wednesday night to give input on a new public library branch being built in our ‘hood. I think attending a township board meeting or two might be good to do, too – even if nothing “sexy” is on the agenda, such as sidewalk repairs or trash pick-up. Trust me on this – sidewalk repairs and trash pickup being on an agenda tend to get citizens out in DROVES! Also big-ticket developments, which is a moot point where we live (our township has a big “green space” initiative and is not huge on commercial development).  Our township board meetings are held in a building that used to be a one-room schoolhouse!


Old one-room schoohouse on the grounds of Superior Township Hall (north of Ypsilanti, MI). How cute is this building?

Let’s see how I do with these resolutions! I’m certainly not trying to be high and mighty – or make other people feel shitty about themselves for not doing what I do. I am not judging ANYONE! I’m just trying to make a vain effort to better myself. I may not be successful. But this is the only time I’ve ever made an “official” New Year’s resolution!

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