The Lion, The Witch and Elton John’s 1970s Wardrobe?

A  couple of days before Christmas, I saw a trailer for the movie Rocketman, which will be released this year. It was like a game of “name that tune” at the beginning, with only the strains of a song being played, in this case via plaintive – yet distinctive – “plinks” on a piano. I instantly recognized the tune as being the opening of Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. And as it turns out, Rocketman is about…Elton John.


Actor Taron Egerton as Elton John in Rocketman

Seeing that trailer set in motion a series of strange occurrences for me…in my brain. It all started one day at work, when I got to thinking about “mixing” famous titles of books, which wound up in my brain is The Lion, The Witch and Elton John’s 1970s Wardrobe. Inspiration can truly take form in some odd, odd ways – if you are a person whom is prone to creative pursuits – whether that be music, acting, art or writing. Hell…even cooking!

I posted on Facebook about this, asking my Facebook “friends” (some of whom are…very, very creative) about how they would change titles of famous books by adding one word or phrase – which would change the whole story. Some suggestions from the “peanut gallery”  were Hard to Kill a Mockingbird, The Keg Stand, Clan of the Cave 1985 Chicago Bears, The Thousand Shining Points of Light and Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets.

I came up with a couple of responses, as a result of these:

Harry Potter and the Order of The River Phoenix and The Old Batman And the Sea. In the first, all of the Harry Potter kids take a field trip to the Viper Room in Los Angeles…and overdose. In the second, Batman becomes a fisherman (for some strange reason) and won’t shut up about that marlin who killed his parents when they were taking a boat back home from the opera.


Bianca Jagger (center). More about her in a bit!

Let’s get back to my strange Elton John idea, shall we? It’s starting to take on a life of its own…in my head. I’m starting to think about how The Lion, The Witch and Elton John’s 1970s Wardrobe would play out – if it were a bizarre bedtime story told by an aunt to a niece. In this case, a niece who might be fascinated with stories from the 1970s – and an aunt whom is all too happy to spin a crazy yarn at a moment’s notice to entertain her niece. I am thinking of Elton John as an Aslan type character (maybe he wears a lion’s fur coat?) and also thinking of Bianca Jagger in the role of the White Witch. As for the kids, they would be rough representations of 1970s versions of me – and my older brother (maybe a couple of ne’er do well cousins thrown in too). We’d be staying at an uncle’s house in the country for the summer, and discover a wardrobe full of ’70s clothes in our uncle’s house – with leisure suits, bell-bottomed polyester slacks, garish sunglasses, hats with ostrich feathers, etc. You can kind of see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

I’m thinking that this whole thing will have kind of a Studio 54 backdrop. Studio 54 was a famous NYC disco, known for its celebrity visitors, its decadence and epic parties (there was also a movie about this, called 54. The White Witch is pushing to keep everyone in the 1970s, and some others are pushing to be able to get out of the disco – and move ahead in the timeline.

If anything comes of my strange idea? It might just be the strangest shit I’ve ever written. I might just keep all of this shit safely in my head!

I just wanted to let some of my blog followers know what’s been brewing in my strange, strange brain…

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