Five Women Lined Up For Thursday’s Trivia Game? Get…OUT!

Looks like  I will have five women   (including  myself) coming  to Thursday’s  trivia  game. I know, I know…I can’t  believe  it, either! All are women  I’ve  played the “women’s  trivia  nights” with before – Angie, Kim and Kirsten. New  to  the “lineup” will be Kathy, who plays on Kim and Kirsten’s  team. I played  with  her  once at a “quiz bowl” style charity trivia  game  downriver in 2017. Her knowledge  areas  are  quite  similar  to  mine, but  she’s  been on Jeopardy! Our team  that night  lost  out  on first  only  on  a tiebreaker   (other team had closer guess  as to what shoe size the Statue  of Liberty  wears).

I am feeling…pretty  good about this lineup  of players! Let’s  hope  we  kick  some arse!

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