Another “Rerun” For Y’all…My Oh My How The Game Recaps Have Changed!

I’ve dredged up a game recap from December, 2014 at Maiz Mexican Cantina for you trivia junkies. Yes, during this “holiday break,” you guys just might have to scratch those trivia itches with reruns! Maiz sadly no longer serves up the trivia, but my team did play there for one season in the spring/summer of 2015, and played there on occasional Monday nights. To read a “summary” of me and my team’s experiences playing here (and some commentary about the players), check out this blog.

How have my game recaps changed since 2014? Up until 2016 or so, all of my game recaps were written in the objective “third person” voice.  It was only when I started playing solo games that I made the “leap” to do the game recaps more in the “first person” voice. Logic prevailed, it just didn’t seem to make sense to use the third person voice when reporting on solo trivia games. Having been “brainwashed,” as a journo for 10 years, becoming comfortable writing in the “first person” was… quite difficult! I mean..using the words “I” and “Me” seemed SO selfish.

The rest, as “I” say – is history.

Good news! There will be some “new” programming for y’all to check out Thursday! I managed to summon at least three players for a trivia game tonight at Corner Brewery. Brad will be elsewhere playing board games, but Dave will be able to come out (we haven’t seen him for quite a while). So there will be  a game recap on Thursday! Also, Thursday night is “girls night,” so I’ll have a recap on Friday, too.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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