Overall…2018 Wasn’t Too Shabby (For Trivia)

Looking back on 2018, me and members of my trivia  team played in five different finals  tournaments  in two different  trivia leagues. We placed in the top 5 in one (April 2018, winning  $150), and placed in the top ten twice (both  in December  2018). Three out five ain’t  bad?

Still unsure what  my trivia  team’s  plan will be with  Sporcle Live in 2019 – or if there will be any plan at all. All I know is we’ll  still be playing when and where we can!

Other than trivia the next two Thursdays   (girls  night next Thursday) trivial pursuits  may be lighter. I’ll write blogs when I’m  inspired to do so…I don’t  have much work time off this time of year, but I do have a 4-day weekend starting  Thursday   (I’ll  take that, thank you)!

I certainly  went through  some rough  patches  in 2018, but  managed  to conquer them and keep most of my sanity. I like to keep a little insanity in reserve (LOL).

Thanks as always for coming here. Happy Holidays in advance  to you all! Speaking  of insanity, I’ve  been  thinking  of blogging about the experience of listening  to  an  entire  Christmas  album  of all Carpenters  songs. Remember  the “Harmony  Hut” in  Addams Family  Values? This will be my own version  of a “Harmony Hut!” The experience  will either  force  me to love Christmas  more  – or cause me to pour hot oil into my ears! Sorry, I can’t  post videos on here…But I will be very descriptive!

And you, blog readers, will have a front row seat  to the insanity   (aren’t  you  privileged)?

Over ‘n out…good night!

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