(Tentative) Sporcle Live Game Plan – 2019

I’ve taken another opportunity to look over the rule changes for the Sporcle Live trivia league and I think I have a “battle plan!”

Plan A:

See if we can wind up “venue winner” of Tower Inn. Not break our necks, just play there for fun/prizes.

Plan B:

If we are not “venue winner” of Tower Inn, attempt to RSVP as one of the teams that has played at least 15 times in any combination of venues (I am fairly certain we will be able to hit that benchmark easily).

As for our current plans? I’ve called off Tower Inn games until 2019. The next two Tuesdays fall on holidays, and I’m trying to gather “the troops” for a Wednesday game at  our old haunt – The Corner Brewery. Some of our players aren’t able to play on the nights we’ve been playing, so I thought it would be fun to get everyone together before the holidays. I’m nothing if not a bit sentimental – sometimes! Also, I will be off work beginning Thursday, so Wednesday will be a better “party night” than Tuesday.

Thursday games at JB’s Smokehouse will continue as long as the place continues to offer trivia – or we lock in enough of a lead to be able to skip a game (whichever comes first). Being that it’s a new venue, it is kind of a concern to me whether or not they will end up getting enough teams for trivia to continue here (sometimes MTL is kind of…famous for starting up trivia spots that don’t wind up surviving). Considering  my team  has played in six  different  MTL finals (the sixth time last  weekend as guests  of another team) and have managed  to place in the top 10 in four of those, going for it in MTL  is worthwhile. Plus, my husband likes the questions  a bit better.

I want to squeeze  in a Saturday  game at Oscar’s  before  the year’s  end, but unsure  if that will actually happen.

That’s  all  I  gotta  say for today!

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