What? Denise Huxtable And Aquaman Are Married? Where Have I Been?

I was with a couple of my trivia ‘mates at a bar last night and they were talking about the Aquaman movie’s recent release in New Zealand, which was apparently accompanied by a Haka performed by Jason Momoa and some backup dancers. Just as a little “prefacing” to all of this? The quizzing NEVER stops with our trivia team! Even between trivia games, it’s not uncommon for some of us to quiz each other on various topics, share strange trivia facts we’d uncovered recently, etc.


What’s a Haka? It’s a Maori dance, which you may have already witnessed if you’ve ever seen any team from New Zealand playing rugby. It is f—ing…cool! Lots of muscle flexing, grunting, etc. – it’s a total tribute to testosterone.

This whole thing got us talking…

Brad: So where is Jason Momoa from?


Me: (looks up information on tablet) He’s from Hawaii, so I guess that makes him Polynesian…or something.


I do a little more browsing with my tablet (Brad and Mike are grumbling about various political stuff, so I’m kind of tuning out…then HOLD THE PHONE! Wait…HOLD MY TABLET! Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are married? Since October, 2017?

I mention this factoid to Mike and Brad, which distracts them from their political rantings (score)…

Brad: Who’s Lisa Bonet?


Me: She was Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. She was also married to Lenny Kravitz.

Brad’s interest is piqued…

Brad: How old is Lisa Bonet, anyway?

By then, I’m getting a tad…annoyed.

Me: Look up your own answers! I’m not your trained monkey.

Brad persists, and I relent…

Me: OK, If I HAD to guess, I’d say she was born in 1965. (I use my tablet to check her birthdate, and I learn it’s October, 1967). Dammit, off by two!


Brad: Well, she must really be robbing the cradle then. How old is Jason Momoa?


Me: I’m guessing Jason Momoa was born in…1980? (find out he was born in 1979). Only off by one!


“Someday I’ll marry Aquaman.” Lisa Bonet on The Cosby Show.

Turns out based on an Internet article I perused in a pretty casual manner, Jason Momoa has had a “thing” for Lisa Bonet since he was EIGHT. He said something along the lines of, “Mommy, I want that,” when he watched her on The Cosby Show.  That’s both kind of cute…AND creepy! Think about the teen-age girl characters you ogled while watching TV shows in the ’80s. Mallory on Family Ties. Kelly Bundy on Married With Children. Dana Plato on Diff’rent Strokes. Heather Locklear on Dynasty and T.J. Hooker (though she did not play any teenagers). If you’re on the older side, maybe you liked the girls in One Day At A Time, Chrissy on Three’s Company, Loni Anderson from WKRP in Cincinnati or any one of those girls from Eight is Enough.  Maybe you had a bit of a man crush on Schneider from One Day at a Time, or Dick Van Patten from Eight is Enough. Man crushes are perfectly acceptable!


Heather Lockler as “Sami Jo” on Dynasty showing the proper technique for…eating a corn dog.

Hey, I’m a heterosexual female! What the hell do I know about hot females on TV in the 1980s? All I know is that my husband had a crush on Catherine Bach on The Dukes of Hazzard, Joan Jett, and Winona Ryder.


Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.

I was chatting about some of this Jason Momoa thing with my co-workers this morning, too. One of my older co-workers kind of asked about Jason Momoa a bit.

Me: He’s kind of considered to be really…hot right now.


22-year-old female co-worker: Yes, he’s like… super hot.

In conclusion to this pointless blog, I’m just gonna say…I  am fairly certain that Momoa’s and Bonet’s children will NOT be able to talk to fish!


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