Sometimes A Trivia Tournament Will Take You Down Memory Lane!

I was the only person in the room at a trivia tournament in Plymouth, MI today cheering when a trivia host introduced himself and mentioned hosting a show in Burton, MI. I have countless memories of this blue- collar Flint suburb (Genesee County’s second most populous city at just under 30,000 people per census estimates). My last memories of Grandpa. Mom’s first car accident (I was SO sure the police were going to take my mom to jail). Visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.


Why the long faces? Because my two cousins – James and David (to the right) were going to move away to Florida, and this was the last time we would see them (for a while). And will you get a LOAD of all of those bowl haircuts on the boys? I am glad I was a girl in the 1970s! Though those clip barrettes PINCHED like a bitch!


My Grandpa and me, 1974…from what other family members have told me, he always had a real soft spot for me…he died of cancer two years later. I’ve never really gotten over his death. I still have a huge soft spot for “grumpy” guys to this day…

Some Burton buildings don’t exist anymore (including one of my mom’s childhood homes, which we saw being demolished on a random visit a few years ago ), but the bar called BJ’s (commence dirty jokes)- located at Lapeer and Belsay roads – still abides.



Might look like just a regular dive bar, but whenever I see this place, it feels like home!

My aunt worked here, and I became a junior pinball wizard when Mom dropped in here to talk to her sis (always during the day when it wasn’t full of drunks). My mom and her sister Anita could NOT have been more opposite from each other! Aunt Anita was kind of the “wild child” of the family (and easy like Sunday morning), and my mom was more of the “good girl.” My “wild child” Aunt Anita always had a fondness for me (what can I say my charisma can be off the charts when I put my mind to it, LOL). Better give me a 500 yard radius when I turn on the charm!


Aunt Anita (who died about three years ago) and me, circa 1975. That is my Little House on the Prairie dress my mother sewed for me…

My mom met future liberal filmmaker Michael Moore in Burton, MI when she worked at a local food cooperative (she was a hippie…and she still is). At the time, he was the founder/editor of a news rag called The Flint Voice (which operated out of the same building as the food co-op). Later, that newspaper would become The Michigan Voice. My brother and I would always fight over who got to sit in the “big beanbag chair” when mom would bring us to the food co-op meetings…

If I could put a price on my Burton memories, they’d be worth a… fortune (at least to me). Nobody will make me a millionaire for my Burton, MI memories!

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