Trivia Recap (updated with answers) – Dec. 16, 2018 – MTL Finals – Plymouth ROC

Answers posted in the comments.
Shout out to team “We Concur” for finishing…somewhere in the top 10 Saturday in the My Trivia Live finals tournament! Also to the cash winning teams Soul Men (first place, $2,500); Dicks, (second place, $750) and Team Pants (third place, $500). Team Pants were our longtime rivals at the Wurst Bar, when we played there between February, 2016 and December, 2017. These guys were always worthy adversaries – definitely a team to beat! I will never forget that game when this team happened to know the name of Arnold’s bully on Diff’rent Strokes (that was quite a “deep cut”).
When I searched Google images for Arnold’s bully, I found this photo…but I was surprised to learn that Jason Hervey (on the left) WASN’T the bully! He was such a little asshole on The Wonder Years – and in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (where he plays a very spoiled, arrogant child actor).
Our own team took a bit of a “break” for trivia last season, so we were very, very grateful for having the opportunity to play with team We Concur (special thanks to Stacy for playing “matchmaker” and hooking us up)! It felt very much like going on a “blind date,” since neither Mike nor I had ever met…”Other Mike” or Deena before. As luck would have it, we wound up getting one of the last parking spots by the The Plymouth Roc. Lady Luck wasn’t kind enough to let me remember the title of ONE of the James Bond films released by EON Productions as part of its official “canon…” (sigh). Yes, it’s true. I could name EVERY SINGLE OTHER BOND FILM except…that one (which cost us two points). On that note, a new word to add to your trivia “lexicon” is (drum roll) “triviachasm.” I’ll explain a bit more about that in a bit by providing a a poignant example! We also had an “aardwolf” moment too (which I will also explain when I get to the question). And…the questions…
Round One
1. The Mind – Similar to deja vu, “deja rev” is the feeling that a person has already experienced something in what state? 3
2. Shopping -What two-word phrase associated with holiday shopping was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation in 2005? Big hit for Deena for 5.
3. Board Games – Hasbro recently released a version of Monopoly for what demographic group with the tagline “Forget real estate – you can’t afford it anyway?” I’d never heard of this game, but still came up with right guess for 1. And Hasbro…who do you think is going to actually PLAY this game – let alone buy it? I know there just HAS to be a Monopoly for everything (just like there is a “porn” for everything) but…really? Low blow, and guess what? If this “demographic” can’t afford real estate, they probably can’t afford to buy your stupid Monopoly game, either. Rant over…
Round Two
1. Occupations – A person in what kind of occupation would use a technique called spatchcocking? Miss for 1.
2. Same Name – What word, most commonly associated with indoor plumbing, can describe a low dresser of a type of women’s hat popular in the 17th century? Miss for 3. Clearly I wasn’t paying enough attention to women’s fashions in the 17th century this was my bad 🙂
3. Celebrity News – Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra recently married what former member of a “boy band?” Other Mike was all over this (thank GOODNESS…ugh boy bands questions are my Kryptonite), 5.
Round Three
1. Corporations – Assessed by 30 million consumers in 2013, the Fair Isaac Corporation is the primary data analytics service for what? We asked for clarification on this question – and the MTL person who read it to us (not on the mic, we were sitting close to the action) – said that our answer had to be the name of a company. Myself and “other Mike” heard this person say this. However, our answer was supposed to include the SERVICE performed by Fair Isaac Corporation, not the more common name of the Fair Issac Corporation, which we put down as our answer. So we missed this (unnecessarily) for 1 specifically because of how it was re-read to us. Sigh…what can you do???
2. Cheese – What Michigan-specific cheese was made from a traditional family recipe in 1915 and is also named for a Michigan town? This question is abbreviated, got this for 5. Interesting side note, there is a freeway stop along U.S. 23 that includes a cheese shop – and store selling pornography. Whenever we approach this exit, I joke that we have to make a stop to pick some “cheese ‘n porn.” Ya know, I’ll bet there is a “porn” involving cheese! Ugh…I don’t wanna know, but I’m sure cottage cheese and fondue is involved…maybe that aerosol cheese (now I’m thinking of things that could be done involving the can itself…Jesus, I gotta stop right there)! Well…what are you waiting for? Go to Pornhub and look up “cheese porn.” 
3. Christmas Tunes – What is sent on the ninth day of Christmas in the traditional holiday song? 3
Halftime – After Dr. No, which was released in 1962, name the next four theatrically released EON Productions films that are part of the official James Bond “canon.” The films do not have to be in order.
And thus commenced my “triviachasm” moment. “Other” Mike and I worked together and came up with three films, and a fourth…only I KNEW there was one released before the fourth one I came with. Then I listed every single other Bond film (almost brainfarted on Spectre). I didn’t want to be right…but yup, I missed the one that was released BEFORE the fourth film we put down. So only six points…
“We’re a second half team,” “Other Mike” said to us. His words would prove to be true!
We were tied for eighth with three other teams with 28 points after the halftime round. There were 17 teams ahead of us – One is the Loneliest Number aka “Two’s Company” was in first with a perfect 37 points.
Round Four
1. Luxury Brands – Since the 1970s, what luxury fashion brand has been used by American Motors, Cadillac, and Fiat to make brand of automobiles in their image? We brainstormed quite a few fashion brands, couldn’t come up with the right one, so missed for 2. After hearing the answer, I couldn’t help but wonder if the cars designed by this “brand” came with matching handbags…Maybe that should be a thing! Accessorize to your CAR!
I am fairly certain I have seen these at vintage car shows. Shown here is the interior of a Gremlin appointed by the fashion designer from the previous question. Can I get a matching handbag, please?
2. Prime-Time TV – Only two characters depicted on The Simpsons have five fingers. Name one of those two characters. It’s not easy to stump me with most Simpsons questions. But yup…missed for 4.
We put one of Phil Hartman’s other characters (Troy McClure) as our answer (lawyer Lionel Hutz is pictured here) Why oh WHY did I not pay enough attention to his hands? Probably because I was too mesmerized by Phil Hartman’s smarmy voice (RIP, Phil Hartman!)
Fingers crossed! We still had a six-point answer slip to use after missing the first two in this round…read on to see if this will spell doom for our “hybrid” team!
3. Astronomy – What 9-letter word beginning with the letter “A” describes a tool used in early astronomy and for navigation and measures the inclined position in the sky of a celestial body? This was an “aardwolf” moment for Mike…Nearly two decades ago, Mike came up with “aardwolf” as a correct answer in a Buzztime game for BIG points, so every time he pulls an obscure answer out of his…depths – I always say “aardwolf!” Got this for 6.
Round Five
1. Fictional Dogs – In animated features, Dinah the dachshund is the the girlfriend of what dog – who also has a bulldog named “Butch” as his nemesis? Miss for 2 (I heard a lot of groans here).
Contest time! Pick which female animal characters are more sexy! I will include a picture of Dinah the dachshund and some other female animals…
2. Cities in Literature – Sharing a name with a well-known world city, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer takes place in what fictional Missouri town? Miss for 4 (at least we were on the right continent).
3. Phrase Origins – What German phrase is derived from the words “coffee” and “gossip” and described a group of friends meeting for coffee – usually at someone else’s house? 6
Round Six
1. Military Weapons – The National Defense Research Committee, designed the Beano T13 grenade in a similar shape and weight to what ordinary object? “Other Mike” all over this for 6. He said that when he talked to other players about it later, a lot of them said they missed this.
2. Fiction – What “comfortable” name describes a crime subgenre, typically taking place in a small community, with examples including Miss Marple and Murder, She Wrote? Miss for 2.
3. Restaurant Terms – what “matrimonial” term describes the act of combining two bottles of ketchup into one by pouring one into the other? 4
Scores heading into the final: Thirty-eight teams, scores 28 to 62, with King Cobra in first, with OITLN/Two’s Company right behind them with 61. We were in ninth with 50 points (again three other teams tied with us), which put 11 teams ahead of us (“Other Mike” was correct, we DID gain some ground in the second half (getting all three six point slip answers correct was a big help). At that point, we were feeling like…we had a chance!
Final Question Category – Game Shows (NOOOOO!!!!!)
What game show premiering in 1950 – has aired new episodes every decade since then (except the 1990s) on multiple cable and TV channels, once employing a then unknown James Dean as a rehearsal contestant? He was ultimately fired for being too good at the game.
Good news? We didn’t get fired for being too good at THIS game! Other good news? We wagered it all, missed it and still…wound up placing in the top 10 (we got tins of M&Ms). They are combo packs of plain and peanut M&Ms – Mike and I are going to “divorce” the packs so that I get all of the plain ones and he can have all of the peanut ones. 
And with that, another MTL season is “in the books!” That was the fifth MTL finals we’d ever played in, and the first as “guests” of another team. Our weekly MTL battles will continue – for the time being – Thursdays at “the restaurant/bar attached to the Busch’s in Canton” (aka JB’s Smokehouse). As for Sporcle Live pursuits, Tuesday games at the Tower Inn are still planned (though we may skip a game or two before the end of the year). A Saturday game might happen before the end of the year, too…
As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Pluto the dog!

2 thoughts on “Trivia Recap (updated with answers) – Dec. 16, 2018 – MTL Finals – Plymouth ROC

  1. Round one
    1. Sleeping
    2. Cyber Monday
    3. Millennials

    Round Two:
    1. Chef
    2. Commode
    3. Nick Jonas

    Round Three
    1. Credit reporting
    2. Pinconning
    3. ladies dancing

    Goldfinger, Thunderball, From Russia With Love, You only Live Twice

    Round Four
    1. Gucci
    2. God/Jesus
    3. Astrolabe

    Round Five
    1. Pluto
    2. St. Petersburg
    3. Coffee Klatch

    Round Six
    1. Baseball
    2. Cozy
    3. Married

    Final question answer: Beat the clock

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