Finished In Top 10 in MTL Finals!

No cash for us in MTL finals. Finished  in top 10, we got cans of M&Ms. I am not quite sure how that happened, I was hanging outside – having a smoke – until scores were being read, and I only wrote down the top three scores (the cash winners). Ironically, we were trying to land in the “real” prize zone, not the coffee mug zone – so we did the “Go big or go home” thing. Had we bet zero, we would have been in a tie for 3rd. I honestly don’t know how scores were figured if that many teams wagered full points and missed (pardon me while I contact NASA). I ain’t no mathematician!



So no cash prizes, but MMMMM chocolate! Today, it was fun meeting new folks and chatting with Chad the trivia host about Burton, MI, which is famous among locals…for…dancing sandwiches! My mom grew up there, and my grandparents  (and other family members) lived  there. This blue-collar  Flint  suburb is Genesee County’s  second  largest city, with an estimated population around 30,000. If I could put a price on my memories involving Burton, MI – they would be valued in the millions of dollars! Let’s see – being with my mom when she had her first car accident, seeing my Grandpa in his dying years, visiting my grandparents, visiting my Uncle Gerry and Aunt Jean, seeing my cousins before they moved to Florida, being with my mom when we drove by one of her two childhood homes in Burton a few years ago and seeing it being…demolished… (pardon me while my memories, my emotions and I get a room)!


Caption contest?


One of my aunts worked in this bar. I was a junior pinball wizard there. I’m  a  gonna  guess  little has changed  about  this place since I was a kid. I have not set foot in  there since I was 5 or 6. I really should stop in for a drink  sometime. Maybe someone  will remember  my late Aunt Anita!

Having dinner at Haymaker in Ann Arbor now with leftover trivia prize $. Boar’s Head  turkey! Fries were…divine, so was the sammy.


Recap Sunday!


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