Trivia Recap – Dec. 7, 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse (Canton)

It seems we have acquired some “stunt doubles!” There was a team who played under the name “Friendly Cephalopods” Thursday at J.B.’s Smokehouse BBQ in Canton. This got me thinking…what would stunt doubles for us do? Well, back in 2016, we had some “stunt doubles” use our Sporcle Live league championship spot (they won $750). That was pretty nice stunt work! In this case? Our stunt doubles would have to take punches to the face from Russell Crowe (or Russell Crowe’s stunt double), do all required “wire work,” jump out of helicopters/ airplanes for tense action sequences and rush into fiery buildings. Any stunt driving for awesome car chases will still be done by us (car chases are so awesome).


This is the car I’ll use for my car chase scenes (LOL)!

Most importantly, stunt doubles for us must be able to correctly answer something besides The Wiz or Mahogany when asked about movies starring Diana Ross. This last task was accomplished splendidly by these new “stunt doubles,” but…not so well by us! I am firm in the idea that useless nuggets of trivia knowledge don’t get lodged in the brain for no reason…one day….one day – Mahogany WILL be the correct trivia question answer!

Three of us – our normal “duo,” plus Kimberly did battle in this trivia game, finished with 53 points – no prizes. We decided to water points on the final question – which the other teams did not do (tsk, tsk…what is this – amateur hour – these are MTL final questions…clearly we are a little out of practice)! We’re still trying to be back into the MTL “swing” after having taken a break from the league would for almost three months. And what better question to shake off the than question one in round one? On that note…

Round One

1. Presidents – Whom was president when man first walked on the moon in 1969? Epic fail for 5 (vis a vis what I just said about shaking off dust, LOL)!

2. Entrepreneurs – What is the name of the man who founded Wal-Mart? 3

3. TV Themes – What TV title character could “turn the world on with a smile” as indicated in the lyrics of the theme song? 1

Round Two

1. Quotes – What German philosopher, known as the “Father of Modern Communism” described religion as being the “opiate of the people?” 5

2. Acronyms – What is the acronym for the drug education program founded by a Los Angeles police chief and the school district in Los Angeles? 3

3. Literature – The 1876 novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer introduced what character, who would get his own novel named for him in 1884? Nerd bonus – what Dickens novel opens with this line: “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.” Got this for 1 plus the 3-point bonus.

Round Three

1. Music – Florence Welsh founded what indie band in 2007, best known for its hit The Dogs Days Are Over? 5

2. Football – Franco Harris holds the record for the most career rushing yards in Super Bowl games while playing for what AFC team? Good guess for 3 from Mike (woot, he doesn’t usually know sports stuff). 1

3. Music – What song spent four weeks at #1 in 1972 then was later covered by Madonna in 2000? The original song was more than 8 minutes long, Madonna’s was shorter. My commentary? Nobody should TOUCH that song if their name is not Don MacLean! Bad Madonna (pardon me while I smack her with a rolled up newspaper, LOL)! 3

Halftime – Given the release years and a couple of the stars, identify the movies which are based on real-life events or people.

1. 2009 – Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon
2. 1999 – Denzel Washington and Debra Unger
3. 1989 – Tom Cruise and Kyra Sedgewick
4. 1972 – Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams

Good news is we put down a Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams movie for #4 – bad news it wasn’t the RIGHT movie! This might have been a BIT off our pop culture radars, since two of our players were BORN in 1972, and the other in 1975! I am old enough to know WHO Diana Ross is, but not old enough to have been able to say, “Hey I remember seeing her in that one movie.” Besides The Wiz (which was awful). I only saw that one because Michael Jackson was in it (I think I was probably 11 or 12). Let’s see what I know about Diana Ross.. lead singer of the Supremes, launched a solo career, known best for her solo hit Upside Down. She was also in Mahogany. And this pretty much…exhausts my knowledge of Diana Ross! Except now I know she was also in that one movie about that singer with the drug problem who was arrested while in her hospital bed. Would this be kind of like Ray, only with a female singer? Uh…

Scores: Five teams, we were in third with 31. Our “stunt doubles” – aka the “Friendly Cephalopods” – were in the midst of a perfect game with 40 points at the half. I’ll bet they know far more about Diana Ross than I do! And they probably know a bit more about that real life person she played in that movie, too! But can they sing God Bless the Child or Angel of Harlem better than I can? I’m a gonna guess “No!”

Round Four

1. Cities – Where in the United States were the first pair of commercially produced sunglasses sold? Newsletter clue, 6.

2. Food – Popular in England, what soup is named for the Tamil word for “pepper water?” Got it for 2.

3. Olympics – Cassius Clay won the gold medal for boxing in the 1960 Olympics in what city? Had the right continent, wrong city, miss for 4.

Round Five

1. Presidential Candidates – What 1996 presidential candidate altered the words of the song Soul Man at his political rallies? 4

2. Professions – What profession is most likely to use a maulstick as an implement? Miss for 2.

3. Countries – Dutch East Indies is in an area now encompassing what country? Close, but no cigar, made a very Magellan-like navigational error here! Curse you, Magellan! Miss for SIX.

Round Six

1. Vegetables – What is botanically a fruit but is considered a vegetable and comes in varieties including tattytan? I don’t know if I wrote down this word incorrectly or not, but I couldn’t vet this one using Google to save my life. The answer is NOT tomato. I will say just to help out folks trying to figure out the answer is that it comes in varieties including spaghetti, hubbard and acorn. We would have gotten it had clues like these been given. We just plain didn’t understand the question. Oh well, what’s two points? Miss for 2.

2. Organizations – What organization was founded in 1920 with a principal mission to maintain world peace dictated by the Paris Peace Accords and was later dissolved in 1946? 6

3. Flags – What man’s nickname is the national flag of the United Kingdom known by? 4

Scores: We were in fourth with 53 points, our “stunt doubles” had 72 points going into the final (wonder what they missed).

Final Category – School Nicknames

According to a U.S.A today survey, what animal mascot is the most popular one used at U.S. schools?

This was a “pull an animal out of the hat” kind of question. Unless you read this fact randomly before the game, chances are you were just going to make your best guess on this. And our guess…wasn’t so great.

No teams go this correct. We wagered too many points to land in the prize zone.

That’s it for trivial pursuits for the week. Unless…not going to say more than that here until something is confirmed. Have a nice weekend, everyone ! As always, Go ‘Pods and stay classy, Billie Holliday!

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