Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery? Survey Says?

A “barhop” team visited our trivia spot tonight and used the name “The Friendly Cephalopods.” Let’s talk about that name a bit, shall we? First off, cephalopods…aren’t that friendly. They are curious, inquisitive and driven – but friendly, they ain’t! Look into it! Sure, they may be a bit “social,” but NOT friendly. Kind of like John Bender from The Breakfast Club.


And, ironically enough, the host had NO trouble saying the word “cephalopods.” Which is usually something that tongue-ties the average trivia host. He is STILL having a bit of trouble saying “Miskatonic!”

Sigh, as I’ve said before…can’t win!

Still, I think this could be a good trivia spot for us. Even though we didn’t win any money tonight. Darn “mascots” final question anyway! Barhop teams could ensure that this team continues having trivia every week. The fact that the only other “league” team didn’t show up tonight could ensure that this could be a semifinal spot for us down the road. That is really all I’m concerned about. The “long” game! Trivia in a relaxed setting. We’ve already proven we can win multiple trivia spots under the gun. It’s time to settle in and…relax a bit!

Speaking of mascots, here’s a photo of me in my “Mini Mustangs” jacket from my elementary school. One of my fellow students won a contest for coming up with the “Mini Mustangs” mascot (the high schoolers’ mascot was just a regular sized mustang, not a miniature one).

hebcampfairwinds2 (2)

This is one of my favorite photos of me. Jesus…how innocent am I here?  This is from 1981, at Camp ‘O Fair Winds, near Lapeer, MI. I was 9. You can’t see the “Mini Mustangs” logo on this jacket, but it was from my elementary school (I used to love that jacket). My dad (whose hat I am wearing) worked for Buick City in Flint, which does not exist anymore. I wouldn’t even attempt that sitting position now (oy)!




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