Hmmm – Possible MTL Spot To Check Out?

I never like to say never. Though I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably never set foot in Powell’s Pub again! Me and my trivia team took a break from playing in the My Trivia League this season, after walking out on Powell’s after four games. Let’s just say I had some…things and stuff to sort out! A mid-life crisis – if you will! It was not a happy breakup, either! It was like one of those bitter breakups you see in movies. Just imagine Leslie Mann throwing a vase…or something! Wait, not Leslie Mann…Janeane Garofalo. even though I’m taller than her by about a foot and a half, she’s the only actress qualified to play me! Believe me…she is! She’s the only living actress who could handle my levels of sarcasm.  She can wear platforms!


Janeane Garofalo as “Baby Bowler” in the 1999 film Mystery Men. The movie is…kind of terrible, but is one of my favorites!

Now that I’ve gotten back “on the horse?” I’m thinking of checking out a new MTL trivia spot about 9 miles from my home. The season starts the week after Thanksgiving (when my work schedule starts to calm down a bit), and it’s a 7 p.m. Thursday game. We’ll be giving up on playing Thursdays at Original Gravity in the winter months, so this could be a perfect spot to at least try out until we’re ready to hit up OG again. But that depends upon what happens with the changes Sporcle Live is rumored to have in store for players with longer seasons, tournament qualification, tournaments, etc. Nothing has been officially announced yet (but players are definitely talking about it)!

Another “event” on the horizon is a “girls trivia night.” That will most likely happen in the break between Christmas and New Year’s. A couple of teachers are among the players I call from the bench for these games, so they usually happen during school breaks. There’s something magical that happens when I assemble all-female trivia teams. We usually tend to kick some ass! Is it a “dream team?” Possibly! I will say this, though – when you get a group of women together, the conversations can be quite…raunchy! I remember a player saying this rather emphatically at a game last summer at OG – “We don’t need guys – and their wagging dicks.” Not IDing the person who said this! Just providing this as an example. A woman I played with at the Wurst Bar for a few months in 2016 could be quite… entertaining at times! I’ll never forget telling her to flirt with another player to get a sports answer to a question and her responding by saying “I should have worn a low-cut top.” And yes, she did do what I asked!

I really need to write a script!

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