Three Random Encounters Tonight – With Three Different Men (How Weird)!

I went out for a trivia night in Plymouth, MI tonight. My goal was to just play a trivia game in what I thought would be a “chill” trivia spot (which it was). We had a great time – and my husband, Mike, made NO complaints about the music being played (IKR)

What I didn’t expect was:

One, another trivia player who recently started following my trivia team’s Facebook page approached me during the game and told me that he digs the trivia blogs I write. “I like seeing the questions from the games I don’t play,” this guy named “Mark M.” told me.

Well, OK? Thanks!

Second random encounter (though not totally random) – another trivia player named “Rick,” whom plays on a barhop MTL team, managed to get me in his line of sight and said, “It’s the ‘Pods.” My response was, “No, it isn’t.”

Nope. There’s no denying whom I am! But what I was trying to say, in my own way, that this game we went out to play was NOT a ‘Pods gig! We didn’t even use our name – we played under the Talk Like A Pirate Day inspired name “Why is the rum gone?”

We won no prizes on this night. We wagered full point on this final question and missed it:

“What former U.S. president was, before Donald Trump was inaugurated, the most wealthy U.S. president, with a net worth of $550 million (when adjusted for inflation)?”

Nope, we didn’t go back early enough.

However, there was MORE!

Players could chip in $1 to participate in a “house” jackpot question, which I convinced my husband, Mike to do. The question:

“In what year did the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes make its debut?

I knew this right away and put in my answer. We got it right, in addition to two other teams, so I won EIGHT DOLLARS!

Hey…it’s better than ZERO dollars!

Finally, there was a house “progressive” question that two members of each of the teams could attempt to answer. That question:

“How many seasons has The Simpsons aired as of the current season in 2018?”

Nope, we went too high. I am shitty at figuring out how “seasons” translate to “years.”  But two teams in the house managed to get this correct and they split the $75 prize.

Now for the third encounter, this would happen after we headed back home and had some drinks at the Corner Brewery… and this was the strangest random encounter of all!

A guy started walking toward me while I was sitting with my husband and my friend Brad. He had this….”look” on his face like he recognized me. But at first, I didn’t recognize him. He said who he was, and,..

“Larry? What are YOU doing here?”

Yup, Larry is a former co-worker with whom I worked at a metro Detroit chain of newspapers in the early to the mid 2000s. Wow…how odd to see him randomly in our favorite watering hole after…close to 20 years. We became pretty close friends…(oh the things we talked about).

It was really good seeing him again! We remembered all of our silly jokes about The Simpsons, and I remembered how I told him that he needs to write his memoirs (raised by a single mother, poor, etc.) It would be America’s answer to Angela’s Ashes!

Strange, strange night! I’ll have a recap of the game posted sometime Thursday. Go Pods!


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