Our “Road Games” Kick Off Tonight!

The “road games” officially start tonight! We plan on hitting some “away” trivia spots in both the Sporcle Live and My Trivia Live leagues the next 2-3 weeks, starting with the ROC Bar in Plymouth, MI tonight for a MTL game. We “tentatively” plan to play the next two weeks at Haymaker Public House in Ann Arbor and Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline. I have not disclosed the locations where we will be playing anywhere but on this blog site – and in e-mails to people on my team. Another “blog exclusive” for all of you (such as it is)!

After that we might convene at our “home” bar, which we will tentatively call The Corner Brewery – if we can summon at least four players – or the Wurst Bar (we’ll have to put it to a vote). As for us, 3-4 players is pretty much a “full” team these days! So one game at our “home” bar, then back on the road if we so choose…

Original Gravity Brewing Company will also be kind of considered a “home” bar and will be visited when work schedules, moon phases, etc. allow. We’re very excited about this whole “fly by the seat of our pants” trivia plan and look forward to mixing it up in different places with different teams! And it’s not just me…my trivia teammates seem to like this crazy plan, too! Yes, even my cranky husband…

I don’t know if y’all were hip to this, but in real life, octopuses in captivity tend to get bored if they’re not kept occupied and engaged – octopus handlers keep plenty of toys/puzzles on hand to make sure the squishy creatures don’t get too bored in their watery enclosures. I don’t know about you, but watching an octopus play with a Mr. Potato Head is DEFINITELY on my bucket list!











Here, an octopus mangles a Mr. Potato Head toy to get at a crab inside. Photo credit Peter Willows, BNPS. Little does poor, hapless, faceplanted Mr. Potato Head know – but he’s become an unwitting star of a tentacle porn! Want to learn more about how octopuses do it? Read this blog I wrote.

This explains why some octopuses become escape artists, like Hank the octopus in Finding Dory. And that one octopus that escaped the aquarium in New Zealand (or was it Australia)? And I’ll finish up this post with that thought…do with it what you will! 

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