Trivia Recap – July 29, 2018 – (Venue Tournament – Steele Trap writeup)

We didn’t play in any Sporcle Live trivia games Saturday night. The Toledo team Steele Trap played in a venue tournament game that night and qualified for their league championship. Matt typed up the questions, which I’ll share here. Let’s see how I would have done on these by myself! I’ll indicate whether I would have known these or not…

Game One
1. Games: Blackout, four corners, hard way, and nine pack are terms that are used in the American version of what game invented in 1929?

2. Academy Awards: Sean Connery’s only Academy Award nomination and win was for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in what film?

3. Speeches: The phrase “blood, sweat, toil, and tears,” was made famous in a 1940 speech given by what world leader? Yup.

4. Outer Space: How many of the eight planets in the solar system do not have any known moons?
Not it. This is why I have my “spaceman” on the team, lol…

5. Sitcoms: What sitcom that ran from 1979 until 1986 is a spinoff of the show Soap and earned a Primetime Emmy for the actor who played the title character? Yes! I was just talking recently about how much I liked this show…

6. Book Characters: Give the name of any of the three characters in Moby Dick who served as first mate.


A scene from the film Heathers


7. 2010s Music: What singer/songwriter released her debut studio album CTRL in 2017 and has had top 40 hits recorded with Travis Scott, Calvin Harris, and Kendrick Lamar? Uh, no…not my category.

8. Cereal: What Post cereal brand introduced in 1989 consists of three kinds of flakes and grain clusters and has used the slogan “Taste the joy in every spoonful?”

9. Racing: Within 1, in what year did Danica Patrick earn her only career IndyCar win in the Indy Japan 300?
I am going to guess 1998. Nope. WAY off!

10. Power: In what country is the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest power station by capacity? Surprise, I’m usually shitty at these kinds of questions. But my guess for both of these was right.

Mystery Round: Crosswords
1. 9 letters: The act of making food absorbable by breaking it down into chemical compounds inside the body.
2. 7 letters: What the huddled masses are yearning to do freely according to the plaque on the Statue of Liberty.
3. 4 letters: The last word in the subtitle of the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.
4. 9 letters: A small scale figurine or the act of painting a small scale figurine.
My guesses: digestion, ???, ooze, miniature.

Final Category: Ancient Animals
Final Question: Of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, five do not have an equivalent in the 88 current constellations. Name three of these five animals.

I can name all of the Chinese zodiac animals…but did not guess the right ones. Funny, I wore a new shirt yesterday that has constellations on it! But they are not labeled, so it would not have been cheating had I worn it to this trivia game!

Game Two
1.1. Losing Teams: Three current NBA franchises have lost in the NBA Finals at least six times. One of these is the Los Angeles Lakers who have lost 15 times. Name one of the other two.
Sportsball! Nope.

2. Comics: What American comic book artists co-created Captain America with Joe Simon and the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk with Stan Lee? Bonus: in what decade did the Fantastic Four debut?
I have NO idea. But my guess correct on the bonus.

3. Game Shows: What NBC game show that debuted in 2017 is hosted by Ellen Degeneres?

4. Patriotic Songs: “There’s a feeling comes a-stealing,” “I’m a cranky hanky panky,” and “There’s a chill runs up my back that makes me glad I’m what I am” are lines in what patriotic song written for a musical in 1906?

5. State Flags: According to a 2001 survey of the North American Vexillogical Association, what midwestern US state has the worst flag, consisting of a field of blue with the state seal printed in gold along with the date March 1, 1867 and the phrase “Equality Before the Law?”
Thanks trivia gods for reminding me to review statehood dates, LOL!

6. Board Games: What board game first released in 1984, according to its instruction booklet, includes 299 plastic playing pieces, production certificates, seven charts, 12 dice, six game trays, among other items?

7. Movie Pairs: Give the titles of both theatrically released films in which Steve Gutenberg and Ted Danson are both credited. Yup.

8. Politicians: What is the only state that is located entirely within the Mountain Time Zone that has been the home state of a US Vice President? Yup.

9. Band Members: Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Steve Hackett are some of the longest serving members of what rock band founded in 1967?

10. Restaurants: What restaurant founded in 1929 in Farmington, Connecticut sells registered edible products named Cookie Puss, Hug-me the Bear, Nutty the Ghost, and Tom the Turkey?

Mystery Round: All answers will be people with the initials S.L.
1. Half of the comedy duo who first appeared in the 1921 short film “The Lucky Dog”
2. American novelist and playwright whose works include “It Can’t Happen Here,” “Babbitt,” and “Main Street.”
3. Director and producer who has produced over 40 films with his company 40 Acres and a Mule
4. Actress who earned six Emmy nominations for her role as Diane Chambers on two different series
Yup on all of these.

Final Question: In 2013, in her first appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine, what award winning singer, songwriter, dancer, and author became the oldest cover model in the history of the magazine?

Nope, I would NOT have known this! Unsure when we are playing next, so I can’t say when I’ll post our next game recap! Good luck to all of the teams competing in the league championship games Sunday, Aug. 5! Even the ones whom will be competing against us and may have had to try qualifying creatively…or last minute (lord do I know what THAT is like) 😉

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