Eight Years Ago… I Tore Up The Carpet (giggle)!


We moved into our condo eight years ago today. And one of the first orders of business was to…tear up the carpet! Behold this carpet bearing stains of many, many “acts of dog.” Also behold the paper “temporary” window blind.


Geez, the living room looks SO tiny when there is no sofa/TV and other junk in it! I actually sprained my finger from using a box cutter to cut the carpeting into four-foot wide strips. I was too much of a cheap ass to buy the fancy ergonomic carpet cutting tool from Home Depot for $20. I just brought my box cutter home from work!


I’m crouched in the spot where our piano is now. My husband also helped with this arduous task…he just wasn’t keen on getting photographed!


“Mood lighting” in the living room (lol)


Our “makeshift” living room after all of the carpeting, carpet padding and those annoying, annoying carpet tacks were removed. A shop vac was essential! We called it the “R2 unit.”


Before we put in the new flooring and moved in the furniture, we took the opportunity to paint…and put up window treatments. It was very nice not having to cover all of the carpeting and move furniture! And now for some “after” photos…

2019-04-10 13.30.51


2019-04-10 13.32.13


I do not have any “before” photos, but our basement was also carpeted. And that carpet was SUPER gross. My mom and I tore that carpeting up (giggle). I’ll never forget her standing at the top of the stairs, brandishing my dad’s crowbar and saying, “Are we going to do this, or what?” Here’s what it looked like after we finished, we used vinyl adhesive-backed plank flooring, which is perfect for a basement. The basement is filled with a bit more “stuff” now!

And here are some more random photos from around when we moved in:



The above two photos are of the stairwell leading upstairs.



The above two photos are of the spare bedroom, which is used mainly as my husband’s office. We also used laminate flooring in that room – and had to tear up the carpet!


The least used bathroom in our house, which is in our basement. Everyone is jealous that we have 3.5 baths! I GUESS it’s a selling point or something?  The jet tub pre-dates the water heater. You can’t fill up that whole tub without depleting the hot water supply (LOL)! We have done no improvements to that room since moving in, and that space is pretty much an extension of the laundry room (not pictured is a clothes drying rack for things I don’t put in the dryer).

And thus ends my first attempt at a “home improvement” blog…

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