Summer Camp Memories – The Letters (1983)

This is part three of a three-part series involving my letters written while I was at Girl Scout camp. These letters are from 1983, while was at Camp ‘O Fair Winds Girl Scout camp near Lapeer, MI (about 25 miles northeast of Flint, MI). The camp is no longer open.

July 31, 1983 (from me to the family)

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just got done swimming and I am a yellow cap this year. I could be a green but I didn’t want to. (yellow was intermediate, green was advanced, I didn’t want to do the extra work in swim classes)

There’s nothing much to say because I just got here. Well bye for now.

Love, Heather

P.S. Write often!

Aug. 4, 1983 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

I hope you like these comics I’m sending you. I think they are funny.

It’s ten after ten in the morning and Mike (brother) is still sleeping. When he gets up, he has to do the dishes. Later he has to mow the back yard.

Mike is designing a desk for our computer stuff and Steve is helping him. I hope it will turn out.

Grandma still hasn’t come back here yet.

It looks like a nice day again today, not too hot and muggy. it should be nice out there at camp, too.

Bye bye,

Love, Mother

Aug. 4, 1983 (from me to my mother)

Dear Mother,

I hope you have a very nice birthday even if I can’t be there. Enclosed is a card I made in arts & crafts (do not still have that card).

Love, Heather

P.S. If this is late, I’m sorry

P.P.S. Have a terrific 32nd birthday!

(Undated, est. Aug. 4, 1983 from my mother)

Dear Heather,

How are you doing, sweet heart? We are all fine. We all miss you very much. Nothing much happened yesterday so there isn’t much to tell you.

Snoopy, Garfield and the Ryatts are all in the envelope (cutouts from the comics section). I wish I could mail myself out there ha ha

Grandma found your (Girl Scout) knife yesterday. It was hanging by its string around your mirror in your bedroom.

Well I guess I’d better close now and get this out to the mail before the mail man comes.

Love, Mother.

Aug. 4, 1983 – (from my mother, General Hospital recap)

Rick is told he must have open heart surgery. Blackie finds out and is very distraught.


John Stamos as Blackie on General Hospital. I had SUCH a crush on him, lol…

Celia is even more convinced that there is something very strange about Grant.

Grant, however, loves Celia very much and has doubts about his mission.

Natalie orders Grant to kill Dr. Gerald and he is very uneasy about it. Grant has dinner with him and Dr. Gerald gives Grant a long speech about how wonderful America is and how it is the only true free country in the world.

Hendrick is working on a way to kill Connie..

Hendrick and Jackie have a quarrel and split.

Thursday Aug. 4, 1983 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

Greetings from the bunch at 13355 Bray Road!

How are you doing honey? We are all fine and dandy. The weather today looks blah! But it will probably clear up soon.

It’s 7:00 a.m. and Daddy hasn’t left for work yet. When he does I am going back to bed.

Yesterday our stereo receiver went on the blink, but Daddy fixed it. I was glad because I love listening to my new albums, “Lawyers in Love” and “Private Eyes.” (Now for some trivia about these albums!)


Jackson Browne’s 1983 album “Lawyers in Love” peaked at #8 on the Billboard pop chart, and #30 on the top 200 chart.


The 1981 Hall & Oates album “Private Eyes” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 200. It generated two #1 hits, including the title track and “I Can’t Go For that (No Can Do).” It also spent a week at the top of the R&B charts.

Take care honey. We all love you a lot.


Friday, Aug. 5, 1983 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

Hi Honey! How ya doin’? We have received two letters from you so far. That’s better than last year.

Phoebe and Vicky (friends of mine) called yesterday to get your address.

Grandma Perry came over yesterday and she will only be here until Saturday because Daddy and I are going camping. We’re going to leave Sunday morning and come back Friday. We’re going to camp in Northern Lower Michigan.

Steve and Mike slept in your bedroom last night. They made a fan house. Aren’t they weird?

More love than before,


Friday, Aug. 5, 1983 (General Hospital Recap from my mother)

Scotty tries to make up with Heather but she throws him out. She is more interested in Jimmy Lee now.


Heather (Robin Mattson) and Scotty (Kin Shriner) on “General Hospital.”

Jake refuses to support Luke in the mayoral race, because he doesn’t believe in gambling. This makes Rose mad because she thinks Jake should support Luke on the basis of their friendship. They argue and split.

This upsets Lou. She tries and fails to bring them back together.

Blackie, deeply upset by Rick’s illness, is comforted by Lou.

Scotty vows to dig up dirt on Luke in order to make Lee look like the best candidate for mayor.

Friday, Aug. 5, 1983 (From my mother, General Hospital recap)

Gregory tampers with Celia’s blow dryer, and she receives a bad shock.


Sherilyn Wolter as Celia Quartermaine on “General Hospital.”

Natalie and Gregory are very upset with Grant because of his reluctance to kill Dr. Gerald.

Gerald tells Scorpio he must issue a public warning about the disk. It may explode with terrific force and kill everyone in Port Charles. Robert agrees that he is right.

Rose and Jake make up. Hendrick tricks Connie and manages to get her alone where he knocks her unconscious and kidnaps her.

Luke takes off in pursuit.

Aug. 5, 1983 (from me to the family)

Dear Mom & Dad (etc.)

Thanks for the package. It’s cute! I like the card. It’s also cute! (she sent a package containing a plush Odie dog from Garfield, a four-color Bic pen and possibly some stationery).


The card my mom sent had this character on it, called “Hillary the Hedgehog,” which was used in Hallmark greeting cards.

We went on an overnite last night. It was boring. I was uncomfortable trying to sleep (possible future blog topic).

Today we had a free swim. A girl went pee in the pool and a blue cloud formed around her. It only happens when someone pees.

Well, I have to close so I’ll have to say GOOD BYE AND THANKS A LOT.

With much love,


P.S. the ODIE doll matches my Garfield perfectly!


This is the last of the “camp” letters!

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