Summer Camp Memories – The Letters (1982)

This is part two of a three-part series involving my letters written while I was at Girl Scout camp. These letters are from 1982, while was at Camp ‘O Fair Winds Girl Scout camp near Lapeer, MI (about 25 miles northeast of Flint, MI)

June 30, 1982 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

How are you doing? We are all fine. Even Grandma feels a little better now.

Yesterday I didn’t get your letter out to the mail box in time before the man man came, I so I was going to mail it when I took (brother) Mike to get his shot, but I forget it. So I got you a card at the store (the Ziggy one), wrote on it and mailed it. That’s why you didn’t get much of a note on it. I didn’t have time to write much because I had to pick Mike up at the doctor’s.


Unfortunately, the greeting card sent by my mom didn’t have THIS Ziggy on it, but the chubby bald cartoon character who never wore pants.


Gerry & Jean (aunt and uncle) came over to see mother yesterday.

Mike and Jamie have been sleeping in that fan house since you left. Maybe I’ll make them take it down today.

Editor’s note: my brother fashioned a “fan house” that involved blankets, sheets and a fan blowing it all out into a dome-like structure. It really was kind of cool, though I do not have any photos showing what it looked like!

I hope you are getting enough to eat out there. You burn up extra energy having to walk so far.

Editor’s note: In 1982, I was camped at the “Deep Woods” unit, which was the farthest out of all of the camping units.

Well, I’m going to close now because I have a lot of house work to do.

Be good and watch out for BEARS!

ha ha

Much love and many kisses,



July 1, 1982 (from my dad)

Dear Heather,

Hi! How are you? What kinds of things have you beein doing? The weather has been better the past couple of days, hasn’t it?

I hope you are enjoying yourself while at camp. Are you going to write down the addresses of the people you meet? Have you sent a card or letter to (Aunt) Virginia or Grandma N.?

The pool is getting warmer now, about 78 degrees today. Have you been able to go swimming? If so, how is the water there.

Well, dinner is just about ready, I’ll write again soon. I hope you will too.

Love, Dad

P.S. We haven’t been to a movie this week, but the boys and I are going to a Detroit Tigers game on the 2nd.

Editor’s note: My cousin James from Florida was visiting with us during this time. He is still a big Detroit Tigers fan. 

July 2, 1982 (from my mother)

Hi Heather Dear

I’ m writing this letter with your candy cane pen can you smell the fake mint smell?

It is not yet the second of July like it says on the top of this letter, its really 10:30 at night.

The Tigers won the ball game with Boston tonight 5 to 4. Mike (brother) and (cousin) Jamie were real happy! Jamie can hardly wait for tomorrow night when they go to the game.

Mike and James are freaked out! I think they are crazy. Jamie’s playing K.C. Munchkin (Magnavox Odyssey 2 console game resembling Pac Man) and Mike is fooling around with his D&D stuff. Daddy and Grandma are in bed.


Magnavox Odyssey 2 console

Tonight I made pork chops and scalloped potatoes for dinner, aren’t you glad you didn’t have to eat it?

Do you miss us? do you miss the cats? I don’t think Tiger misses you very much, but the rest of the cats do.

I miss you. Daddy does too. I think (neighbor) Steve misses you a little. Mike (brother) pretends he doesn’t miss you but I’m sure he does.

Are your counselors nice? What did you buy with your trading post money so far? Are you doing badge work?

Jamie wants a pizza. I think he is really cracking. Well, time to go now…


Love, Mother

July, 2, 1982 (from me to the family)

Dear Mom and Dad,

We took a 5 mile hike to Moore’s Market (2 1/2 miles there and back). And we each had 35 cents to spend. I got a Flavorice and a pack of Bottle Cap candy.


Bottle cap candy

What do those letters on the back of my envelope stand for? (I am unsure what I meant by this, and do not still have the mystery envelope)

I have a new friend, her name is Julie Malinda Davis.

Tommorrow (sic) we have our Polar Bear swim. The pool is bigger and better than the lake (obviously I meant the swimming area, not the total area).

I don’t usually have much time to write letters back at my unit. We take our swimming stuff, etc. etc. up front and stay there all day. We are expected to bring our letter stuff with us.

How is Grandma? I will be writing some letters for her.

Mom, I wish you would write longer letters, because I love to read letters.

Today in archery I got 14 points (7 + 7). dad, you have any idea where the town of Atica (sic) is? Thats where my good friend lives.

Well, I’d better close for now because its getting late and we have a Polar Bear swim tommorrow (sic).


This is a “Shirt Tales” nightgown, similar to the one I wore when I had to do the polar bear swim.

Love always,


July 6, 1982 (from me to the family)

Dear Mom, Dad, Mike, etc.

The temperature right now is about 90 degrees. It is steaming out.

The nurse of the camp said that everybody has to change into shorts if they were wearing jeans. So some girls had to go back to the unit to change (luckily I didn’t have to).

Well what’s happenin’? Nothing much around here. Just the usual.

I got my unit picture at the trading post. As I usually am in pictures, I am ugly.


I am in the far left in the second row. My friend Julie is in the front row, third from the right (not looking at the camera…classic Julie). I don’t think I’m too ugly in this one, but my 1983 photo turned out AWFUL! Which is why I will not be sharing that one…

My counselors I had last year aren’t here this year. My counselors this year are Rusty, Boo-Bear, Ace and Animal (that’s their nicknames).

We have swimming pretty soon, I know because we have it after Birches (camping unit) and they are getting in now.

I cant wait till we swim because I’m boiling now.

I sent a bunch of letters to you guys at once, so how come you only have one?

Whenever they’re having something to eat that I’m allergic to, I just go into the kitchen and get something else, such as cereal and sandwiches (I was allergic to eggs and pork).

I had to do that for every meal yesterday. Well, I’ll try to get this letter out to you tommorrow (sic) because I don’t have my envelopes with me.

Love love love love


July 6, 1982 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

Have you been enjoying camp? I hope you are having fun and learning new things.

As I am writing this letter, you have only 4 days left of camp. Time sure has flown, hasn’t it?

Mike and I are going to Dr. Hassan today (allergy doctor). I won’t be here when Grandma’s nurse comes. I had thought she would be coming yesterday which was Monday, but I didn’t know yesterday was going to be a holiday.

Well I guess we won’t be having another holiday until Labor Day and that will come soon enough.

The cats are all fine. Freddie (FredericKa) did sneeze a couple of times this morning, but it’s probably hay fever.

Last night we had an eclipse of the moon. It started at about 1:30 a.m. and lasted until about 3:00 a.m. I didn’t stay up to watch it but I did wake up and see it partial. It was right outside my bedroom window and all I had do was open my eyes and look.

I’m going to close now and get my work done before it’s time to go to the doctor.

Lots of love,


July 1, 1982 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

How do you like camp? Are there any girls in your unit that you knew before camp, besides Jenny and Ginny (these were both girls from my Girl Scout troop that were camped with me because we put in a request to camp together). Vicky (neighbor and friend) called yesterday to find out what unit you are in.

The three boys just went out to swim (she was probably referring to my brother Mike, my cousin James, and our neighbor Steve). Now it’s quiet in here. Steve is so loud (yup I was right).

Well I can’t think of anything to say so I guess I’ll close. I have to go to access (???) and the store and the Post Office to mail this letter.

Love Mother.

July 4, 1982 (from my mother)

Dear Heather,

Hope you had a nice fourth of July.

It was a pretty nice day here. Grandma, (Aunt) Ginny and (cousin) Clarissa came over and we ate out in the back yard. Steve (neighbor) ate with us too. Clarissa stayed when Grandma and Ginny left so she could go to the fireworks with Daddy and the Boys. Steve went too. I stayed home with Grandma.

I didn’t get a letter off to you yesterday, I was just too busy. I took Mike shopping and got him 1 pair jeans, 2 shirts (one says Nike on it) and a new pair of shoes exactly like his old ones.

I have only gotten 1 letter and 1 card from you so far, you must be pretty busy.

It was a nice day for swimming in our pool today. The water was 78 degrees. Even Mike and Steve stayed in a long time. Clarissa got made because they kept bothering her. She scratched Mike with her fingernails and he said it stung (he could be annoying in the pool…).

Well I guess I’ll close now and take a nap before Daddy and the boys get home frmo the fireworks.

I love you and miss you. Take care and be nice to everyone.

Love forever,


(she drew a picture of little flowers and a sparkler)

July 5, 1982  (from me to the family)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yesterday we had red, white and blue day. Everybody wore those three colors. I wore my camp shirt,  my shorts that look like cutoffs (which were white) and my red, white and blue socks.

I forgot to tell you we have new camp shirts this year. They are red and white.

I am sick of this camp. These are the reasons:

#1 The food is terrible

#2 We do the same things every day

Love Heather

On the back of the letter, I wrote, “I wasn’t kidding about this ‘I wanna go home’ business. I really do!”


Actual photo of this letter

Like these letters? There are more to come! Despite my frustration uttered at the end of this letter, I did go to camp for one more session in 1983. The next batch of letters will include multi-colored inks, soap opera synopses written by my mother and much, more! But they will have to wait until Thursday (midnight to be exact)! Thanks for reading…












2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Memories – The Letters (1982)

  1. i have been reminiscing about the two weeks i spent at camp o fair winds a lot lately as my husband and i have been tent camping nomads for nearly 6 months now.

    im not sure if i was there in 82, it may have been 83 or 84, but i remember certain aspects so clearly, especially the polar bear swim, the log roll contest, archery and pottery.

    i was homesick as all heck until the last few days, then i didn’t want to leave!

    so glad to have found this posting, thanks for putting all this up!


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