Trivia Recap – May 30, 2018 – Johnny’s Grill

Our regular trivia game Monday was canceled for the Memorial Day holiday, so we decided to hit up a spot we’ve played semi-frequently in the past – Johnny’s Grill in Belleville for its Sporcle Live scene hosted by Sporcle Live with DJ Todd. Before going out to the game, I messaged one of the players from one of the “regular” teams, asking if they’d be playing, and (sadly) learned that they were not going to have a team at the game. I offered to play our game under their league number just to keep them warm in the standings, and they accepted. We have had other teams (including theirs) do this for us in the past, so we were kind of curious about what it would be like with the roles reversed! We wound up finishing second for the night with a $10 gift certificate win in game one. An unfavorable final question category in game two forced us to wager zero and hope for the best, but a couple of teams in the house got the question right, and battled a tiebreaker for first. Shout out to team You’re Killing Me Smalls, which was represented solely by its team captain Elyse! She held her own very well, especially in game two, and lost out on first only by virtue of that tiebreaker, which asked for what year the Maserati car company was founded. It was kind of nice coming back to this bar – the lake views really can’t be beat! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sunset over the lake.


Sunset over Belleville Lake in Belleville, MI, as viewed from Johnny’s Grill.

Also, the cocktails are just about the best deal around – $3.50 for a (strong) vodka collins! And the questions…
1. Title Characters – What is the first name of the actress with the last name Brenneman – who played a character with the last name Grey on a series from 1999 to 2005 who also shares the same first name as the actress? 5
2. Playing Cards – What is the suit or value of the card known as the “Curse of Scotland?” Miss for 1.
3. Covers – In 2015, Ryan Adams released a song-for-song cover of an album by what artist, which peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? No clue, miss for 2.
4. Double Duty- Who directed the first two “Iron Man” films and also played the character Happy Hogan in both films? 10
5. Museums – The oldest Natural History museum in the U.S. is located at Drexel University in what U.S. city? Would have helped to have had a clue where this university was located, miss for 3.
6. Advertising Icons – Frank L. White is believed to be the model for the chef pictured on what late 19th Century breakfast food package? Miss for 6 (total brain fart, we have gotten this question right in games past).
7. Stadiums – Which team plays its home games, as of 2018, at the newest of all of the MLB stadiums? Miss for 4, though we did guess the one fitting this description the previous year.
8. Human Body = What is the largest single blood vessel in the human body? 9
9. Counties – Which U.S. state is home to counties named Boone, Bourbon, Clay and Pike? 8
10. Disney Songs – What type of birds sing “When I See An Elephant Fly” in the 1941 film “Dumbo?”
Mystery- Before and After
1. Youngest sister of Michael Jackson and NFL franchise that began play in 1995
2. Narrator for “Arrested Development” and 1986 film starring Lea Thompson
3. 1979 Monty Python film and original “American Idol” host along with Ryan Seacrest
4. Shortest serving U.S. president and longest serving actor playing Han solo
Missed #3, as did every other team.
Scores; You’re Killing Me Smalls, 40; And Then There Was Fun, 42; Hired Goons for Hire, 48; Lorem Ipsum, 49 and Slick Rock Rumble, 54.
Final Category – U.S. Populations
Mike and I felt pretty confident, so we bet it all…
According to 2017 estimates, Austin and Sacramento are the most populous U.S. state capitals that are NOT also the most populous in their state. Name one of the next six most populous U.S. state capitals that are NOT the most populous in their state.
Worked pretty hard on this…and managed to get the #6 city on the list!
Final scores: Hired Goons For Hire, 68, Slick Rock Rumble, 74.
Game Two
1. Military – The Air Force demonstration squadron is known by what 12 letter nickname? Miss for 4.
2. Reality TV – As of May, 2018; two winners of the U.S. version of “Dancing With the Stars” have had the highest average scores in overall competition. What sport are they both known for having competed in before? And for a nerd bonus point, name one of those people. Got this for 2, missed the bonus.
3. Cars – Portofino and 812 are among the vehicle models of what car manufacturer? FB clue, 10
4. Animals – A farrier is a specialist that works primarily with what animal? 9
5. Golfers – Since the beginning of 2013, nearly 75 percent of LPGA players have been won by women from the United States and what other country? Miss for 1.
6. Parodies – What is the full title of the 1999 film in which a character sings the song “Just the Two of Us?” 8
7. Instruments – What is the term for the device that holds a reed to a mouthpiece such as a saxophone or clarinet? 7
8. Heroes – Introduced as a teen in 1960, who is missing from the following group – Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Batman and who else? Mike with right person for 5.
9. TV Jobs – What is Grace’s occupation on “Will and Grace?” Miss for 3.
10. Fast Food – Within 5, in what year was the Big Mac introduced in the United States? 6.
Visual Mystery –

Got them all.
Scores: And Then There Was Fun, 37; Slick Rock Rumble, 45; Hired Goons for Hire, 53; You’re Killing Me Smalls, 55; Lorem Ipsum, 62.
Final Category – NHL Playoffs (yikes)!
The Vegas Golden Knights made the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 2018, marking the third straight season that a team made their first finals appearance. Name the two teams that made their first Stanley Cup Finals appearances in 2016 and 2017.
Wagered zero. Smalls and Slick Rock in tiebreaker for first with 65, Slick Rock won the tiebreaker about the founding of the Maserati car company.
That’s all for now! We’ll be playing Thursday at Original Gravity, so look for the next game recap Friday. As always, Fear the Beer, and stay classy, Jon Favreau!

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