I’m Feeling the “Captain’s Itch…”


We didn’t have our “regular” trivia night on Monday because it was canceled for Memorial Day. If all goes well, a couple of us will hit up a former “semi-frequent” trivia spot tonight, which is Johnny’s Grill in Belleville. There’s nothing quite like breaking up the monotony of a trivia season than by visiting a different trivia spot! Especially in the hot evening hours when your central air ain’t working (I discovered some old freezer pops in the freezer today and I felt like I discovered gold, they wrap nicely around the back of the neck). And what better place for a change of scenery than a lakeside bar in the summer? I’ll be able to ogle the sunset, look at the boats – drink some cocktails that don’t break the bank (unless they’ve raised their prices and have become gentrified to cater to hipsters – oh the humanity) . In a little plot twist, we will be playing under the league number of one of the regular teams at Johnny’s which will not be playing tonight, which we will be happy to do (we only hope we don’t suck in our efforts). This will be a way to pay back a team that has helped us similarly in the past.

I haven’t been to Johnny’s since January 30 of this year, when I went out there just to get a couple of pint glasses another player was giving away. Turns out he wound up forgetting to bring the glasses, but I stayed for trivia anyway! I started coming down with “phase two” of a nasty cold that night. You know how you think you’ve got it licked – but then wait – there’s more! Yeah, that was a nasty one with a “double punch!” It wound up sticking around for at least another week or so, ugh – and it made the rounds of everyone on our trivia team, even though I instituted a total ban on French kissing (LOL)! The upside of all of that was I wound up going online to look up “Man Size Kleenex,” since I remembered my great-great-aunt from Flint used to always have these in her house, which hit the spot to ease my allergic reactions to her cats. I just wondered if they were still a thing (they are, at least online).


They are exactly as described – really YUGE Kleenex tissues for industrial grade snot, or whatever else you have to soak up (I’m not going into further detail).  I guess you can order them online for about $10 (no thanks I’ll just use paper towels)! Because of that Kleenex tidbit being fresh in my brain, I was able to nail a question in our MTL semifinals a short time later for which the answer was…(you guessed it)!

“The original trademark application in 1924 for what product was for absorbent sheets or pads used for removing cold cream?”

Well, that’s it for this pointless little update! I’ll have a recap of tonight’s game posted sometime Wednesday, unless we decide not to go…see y’all later!

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