Fun Things To Do When Your A/C Is On The Fritz!

First off, let’s all have a moment of silence for our stalwart Copeland brand A/C unit, which has sat sentry outside the back of our condo since it was built in 1993. For the past 25 years, it has cooled the previous home owners reliably and after that, cooled us reliably since we moved here in 2010.


As my dad would say, it “doesn’t owe you anything.” We first noticed problems with it last fall when it didn’t seem to be working right. An HVAC professional came over, and determined there was a leak in the system which though it was not reparable, he could still do a recharge, which he said would “last a while.”

So how long is “a while?” That’s definitely a question for the ages! Well, in this case, about seven months! The A/C soldiered on up until sometime last night, though it was definitely not operating at its peak over the past couple of days.

So today we have the house closed up, a large dark sheet over the patio door, and both fans set up in the living room. Both my husband and I grew up in homes without central air, so we’re trying to keep stiff upper lips about this temporary setback! But there have to be some other things we can do to beat the heat, right? Here are some suggestions, some of which can be done in the convenience of your own home!

Get In the F—ing Water Already!


If you have access to a pool, lake, water park, river…what are you waiting for? Here I am at Miner’s Beach near Munising, MI, circa 1981. Love the tan lines from the other bathing suit I was wearing at the time!

Have Fun In The Sprinklers


Getting to a beach, pool, waterpark, etc. not an option? Is it laundry day for you, too? Just play in your sprinklers! We did this a couple of years ago, attaching our three-head sprinkler to the garden hose, and draping it over some patio chairs, aiming the sprinkler heads out. It allowed us to sit under them, walk through them, or bask in the coolness while standing under them. Bonus – the wildlife loved this, too! We had to watch our step while toads hopped around, basking in the cool water!

Get Re-Acquainted With Your Basement (AKA Human Cave)


Our options are endless! Basements are always at least 10 degrees cooler than upper levels, and if you have a dehumidifier, it can be just as comfortable in a basement as it is in the central air. If we don’t want to play poker, we can throw a top on it and play regular board games. Not pictured is a mini fridge and an old-school stereo system for playing tunes. Also not pictured are my bras, which I had hanging on the doorknobs (it is laundry day, but I moved them for the photo). What better way to memorize the point values of Scrabble tiles than by playing it for hours on end? It COULD be the subject of your next trivia question, after all! About that U.S. map…some time ago when I was trying to learn sports teams/stadiums, I put little Post-its on every U.S. state and listed all of the pro sports teams/stadiums. Mental note – add Las Vegas Knights and change St. Louis Rams to L.A. Rams…and San Diego Padres to…meh, why bother?


Binge Watch The Terror


Ah! The Arctic! I’m SO there! Note: series was actually filmed in Croatia, but SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF! Maybe it will help cool you off!

Brandish A Weapon At Mother Nature


NOTE: Brandishing a weapon at Mother Nature will not likely be very effective in changing  temperatures or weather patterns. But it might make you feel a little better!


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