Either/Or Trivia Quiz Vol. II


Nothing gets the media’s panties in a knot quite like “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”
  1. Capitals – Which South American country’s capital is Montevideo? Paraguay? Or Uruguay?
  2. Carbonated Beverages – Which was introduced first – Coca-Cola – or Dr. Pepper?
  3. Animated Movies – Which was released first – Cars 2 – or Toy Story 3?
  4. MLB Teams – Which team was established first – the New York Yankees – or the Boston Red Sox?
  5. ’80s Movies – Which movie was released earlier? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – or The Breakfast Club?
  6. ’80s Albums – Which album was released first? Thriller by Michael Jackson – or 1999 by Prince?
  7. Presidents – Who is older? Donald Trump – or Bill Clinton?
  8. Newsworthy Events – Which happened first – Hurricane Katrina – or the disappearance of Natalee Holloway?
  9. Overseas Concerts – Who was the first act to perform a concert in China? Michael Jackson – or Wham?
  10. Muscle Cars – Which car made its debut first? The Ford Mustang – or the Corvette?

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