No Trivial Pursuits Tonight…

I’m back from my brief trip, but will not be hitting up any trivia spots tonight. One of my trivia “partners” doesn’t want to go, and is a little weary from driving (can’t blame the poor dear) and the other will be watching sportsball with some friends tonight. And I don’t feel like driving out there to play by myself.

These things happen!

Our next trivia shenanigans will be on Monday, so look for our next recap on Tuesday. Our host will be attempting to do an “abbreviated” game and ending things early enough for some kind of sportsball to-do.

As always, thanks for reading! We have some big deciding games coming up next week, and I’ll be sure to report on those (whether they go well…or not). One of our players has apparently decided to abandon ship, and we’ve decided that unless he makes any overtures to come back aboard and listen to reason/logic rather than shouting and swearing at me (and maybe read some of the e-mails I sent), we’re not begging for him to come back.  We’ll have to play a little leaner and meaner than usual, but with our more easygoing trivia plans next season, that shouldn’t hurt us too badly! We will survive, onward trivia adventures ho!

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