I’m Not Posting Any “April Fool’s” Jokes On Any Of You!

As a special April Fool’s Day treat for all of my loyal, dedicated readers? I am NOT going to be posting any “joke” April Fool’s Day posts!

Anything I post on April Fool’s Day will be on the up and up – and not a “joke” post. AND THIS POST IS NOT  A JOKE! I love all of my readers! I have 27 followers of this page as of this writing, and even more “non-followers,” AKA stalkers. And I love you all! SOMEBODY is clicking on what I post/write, and this keeps me going!

What was NOT a joke was that was I was in a car accident on April 1, 1989, which resulted in 60-plus stitches in my scalp (happy to show you the scars, which are mostly hidden in my hairline, if you ask), a concussion, and a totaled 1987 Buick Century station wagon. My jeans were also destroyed when the paramedics cut them off me, though my mom managed to salvage  my Guess jean jacket by sewing  it back together. This meant I had the coolest and most unique denim jacket in my high school!  I still have an unhealthy obsession with station wagons to this day. Seriously, if I had enough money, I’d restore and collect these wonderful, beautiful (eye of the beholder, people) sturdy cars.


Isn’t this a beauty? The wood paneling! I can’t EVEN!

April Fool’s Day is NO joke, people! Uh, Happy Easter, everyone!

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