I Found The “Frog Boy” Passage in the Charlie Chaplin Autobiography (squeal)!

I learned  a  while  ago  that the “X-Files” episode called “Home” (the one  with  the  violent  inbreeders) was partially inspired  by Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography. Specifically, the quadruple  amputee mother whom her sons kept hidden under  a bed when they  weren’t  trying  to knock her up (super gross). Since I am kind of fascinated  with the freakish  and macabre, I KNEW I would have to read  the book! So I started reading this Thursday…


And tonight  I found the passage that inspired the writers  of  the “X-Files…” I am positively giddy!


Page 84! Now wondering if I should  even bother  reading  further! 🙂

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