Either/Or Trivia Quiz Volume I


George Clinton (not to be confused with George Clinton who served as Thomas Jefferson’s vice president) and actor Jeremy Piven in PCU
  1. Borders – Which country borders Switzerland – Liechtenstein – or Luxembourg?
  2. Actor – Which actor appeared in Independence Day – Bill Paxton – or Bill Pullman?
  3. Actresses – Who’s older – Jessica Simpson – or Ashlee Simpson?
  4. Movies – Which movie was released first – Gremlins – or The Goonies?
  5. Twins – Which conjoined twin died first – Eng Bunker – or Chang Bunker?
  6. Africa – Which country borders Ghana – Benin – or Togo?
  7. Cartoon Animals – Which animal has the red nose? Chip? Or Dale?
  8. Companies – Which company was founded first? General Motors – or Ford?
  9. Fictional Characters – Which Wakefield twin from the Sweet Valley High tween book series was the “bad” girl? Elizabeth? Or Jessica?
  10. Vice Presidents – Who was Thomas Jefferson’s last vice president? Aaron Burr – or George Clinton?

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