Trivia Recap – Jan. 30, 2018 – Powell’s Pub

Anyone else remember how the show “Sesame Street” would dedicate episodes of the show to certain letters of the alphabet, etc.? Well, on that note, Monday’s My Trivia Live game at Powell’s Pub was dedicated to the year 2000! Several questions that were asked involved that year. Anyone remember what company used a sock puppet in a 2000 Super Bowl ad? The name of a destructive computer virus from about a year earlier than that? Good news is we finished with a second place/$20 gift certificate and got the final question correct. The past two final questions we’ve had here have been a little…rough, so we’ll thank the trivia gods for that!
Round One
1. Toys – What toy, introduced in 1963 by Kenner, used an incandescent light bulb to bake cakes? I had one of these, but my perfectionist mother said the “real” oven did a better job of baking the cakes, so we would just bake the little cakes in there instead. Took a bit of the fun out of it, but since she knows a thing or two about baked goodies, she was probably onto something! Those chocolate chip cookies she makes….drool..Got for 5.
2. Children’s Books – “Allie the Allergic Elephant” is a book by Nicole Smith, which she wrote to help her preschool son’s classmates better understand his allergy to what food? Good guess for 3.
3. Super Bowl Ads – What short-lived online company used a sock puppet in a $1.5 million Super Bowl advertisement where the character told viewers to shop online since their pets can’t drive? Huh? What about Toonces, the cat who could drive in the SNL skits? πŸ™‚ Miss for 1.
I used to have a cat who actually liked riding in cars! A rarity, most cats freak the f— out when they are brought into a car. If we left the windows down, he would climb in and take naps in the sunny back window, and if we didn’t check first, he’d come along for rides with us!
Round Two
1. Country Music – Country singer George Strait said all of his exes lived where? Thank the trivia gods for an easy country music question, 5.
2. Sports – What combined event involves 10 different activities? And thanks again for an easy sports question, 3. We’ll repay the favor in the next “bonus” question (spoiler).
3. Computers – What Microsoft Office application features a calculator tool, graphing tool and pivoting tool, among other tools? For an extra three point bonus, what was the name of the 1999 macrovirus that caused an estimated $80M in damages and distributed itself via Word document attachments? Did not attempt this bonus question.
Round Three
1. Cosmetics – What cosmetics company founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams was named for his sister? Good guess for 3.
2. Heaven Sent – Which of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ guards the gates of Heaven? 5
3. Movies – Which 2000 film, based on a real New York City saloon, features actress Tyra Banks dancing to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia?” I played this song with my marching band in my senior year, but it was nowhere near as sexy as this, lol…got this for 1. Another 2000 question for you!
Halftime – Which came first (groan)?
1. Twinkies, or Ding Dongs?
2. Battleship, or Connect Four?
3. Wells Fargo, or Chase Bank?
4. Egg McMuffin, or Big Mac?
Managed to get one of these correct.
Scores – Ham Wallets/’Pods, 28; Dan Smith, 30; Says Who, 32; Suck My Ding Dong, 33; One is the Loneliest Number, 36.
Round Four
1. Comics – What is the name of Snoopy’s mother? Newsletter bonus, 6.
2. Animals – The ferret is the domesticated form of what European animal from the same family as the weasel? Even our team’s “zoologist” Brad would have been stumped by this one had he been there, miss for 4.


This is the animal we put for our answer…
3. Directors – Which director appeared uncredited as “man with video camera” in the 2000 film “Scream 3?” Unnecessary brain fart, miss for 2.
Round Five
Questions in this round have been absolutely killing us lately. Will it do the same to us tonight? Read on!
1. Rock Bands – What does ELO stand for when referring to the progressive rock band? Thanks for not bringing me down, lol…6.
2. Firsts – What 1992 Tim Burton film was the first to use Dolby Digital sound? Host George instructed us to “be specific,” though we did not need this clue, 4.
3. Presidential Candidates – What 1990s presidential candidate used the catchphrase “giant sucking sound” when describing the North American Free Trade Agreement? 2.
Yay. We conquered round five! πŸ™‚
Round Six
1. Cooking Terms – What is the collective name for gizzard, heart and liver, which is usually removed from a turkey before cooking it? My mom would cook these things up and feed them to the cats! I thought it was SO gross at the time (the smell…ugh), but she grew up poor, so waste not, want not? 6.
2. Words – What word, used by customs and other travel agencies, describes a list of passengers or cargo on a plane or ship? 4.
3. Alcohol – What Japanese drink is made from fermented rice? We know a Korean guy who brought this stuff on a camping trip and heated it by the campfire. He said, “This stuff will f— you up.” Those words were prophetic, but that was exactly his fate that night! 2.
Finished regular rounds with 58 points. We’re happy to crack 50 points in these games, which will most likely be played by just the two of us for a majority of the season. We can make it if we try, just the two of us…you and I. Can anyone spot the song I just quoted? How about the singer? Geez, I don’t even know the singer (hastily checks Google).
Scores heading into final: Ham Wallets, 54; ‘Pods, 58; Says Who/Dan Smith, 60; One is the Loneliest Number, 62; Suck My Ding Dong, 63.
Final Category – Music
What performer has been inducted three times into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame – once as a soloist, and twice as a member of two different bands?
Easy peasy. After the past two tough questions we’ve had on Mondays, this was a relief!
Final scores: Ham Wallets, 108; ‘Pods, 116; One is the Loneliest Number, 124.
Until next time, which will be tonight, though Tuesday games are not going to be a regular occurrence. I just happen to have a couple of extra days off this week and Mike wants to go to board games night for the first time in months. So nice not to have to have a break from waking up at 4:30 a.m.! Next recap posted Wednesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, David L. Smith, who was the guy who released that destructive virus mentioned in round two.

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