Let There Be No Bad Blood This Saturday At Our Trivia Tournament! Well, maybe a LITTLE!

I was just looking at the Oscar nominees on Monday with the vain hopes that the names/titles will magically sink in on a trivia night if my team is asked about them. Which they probably will not! One of the nominees was Jonny Greenwood’s score for Phantom Thread. This movie, apparently, is about a guy who goes through a string of women, if you will, until he meets a strong-willed woman who winds up becoming his muse. And thus this guy with the controlled, planned life winds up having his own life disrupted by the love of this woman (per the imdb synopsis). A romance? Uh, no thanks! And doesn’t Daniel Day-Lewis have enough Oscars already?  Let’s check…three nominations, three wins. Maybe he doesn’t!  When I found out Greenwood did the soundtrack, alarm bells went off in my ever-weaving trivia-filled mind, so I thought, “What ELSE has this guy done the soundtrack for?” For which I learned the answer was, There Will Be Blood. 


Sorry, I like this photo of Daniel Day-Lewis from In the Name of the Father better than any of the ones from There Will Be Blood. 

I bought the soundtrack for  There Will Be Blood for my brother’s birthday years ago, since he is a fan of Radiohead, the band in which Jonny Greenwood is a member. My brother is such a big fan of this group that he named one of his cats Jonny after this guy. The cat is now deceased, he was mostly white with some light-orange spots (and he was kind of a cranky bastard). For the life of me, I can’t locate the picture of this cat. But I think I’ve posted enough photos of cute and furry creatures in my blog today! Let’s see, today’s earlier blog had Toonces the cat who can drive a car from SNL and a really cute white stoat.

Now back to the subject of Saturday’s trivia tournament, which will be a My Trivia Live semifinal game. My team will attempt to earn a spot in finals here, though our record thus far at qualifying in this fashion seems to be “every other.” We did not make it last time, so perhaps we will this time? If I were a bookie, I wouldn’t bet on us to do it, though I also wouldn’t bet on us NOT to make it! We’re not that awesome, but we’re also not terrible, either! A sure thing? Nope! We’ll keep other teams guessing every time!

There is only one team that will be playing there that I don’t happen to like very much. And that’s the team that plays in a Saline bar with a guy who wore a T-shirt to a semifinals game a couple of years ago that said, “Certified Muff Diver” on it. I hold some weird grudges, I’ll admit that! I will want to destroy this team every time we face them because of THAT T-shirt.

Just in case there is any bad blood remaining with anyone else in the room that day, I will do my best to avoid stirring it up any further. This includes players…and trivia hosts. There is a trivia host we recently stopped playing with because she was not getting along very well with my husband, and she was a bit too strict and vague about answers. Some ground rules for Saturday by our team?  There will be NO touching of other players with rubber tentacles, except persons on my team. Which is totally consensual, it’s just one of our little pre-game rituals. And only I get to use the pink one! We’re a strange bunch, what can I say?


This pre-game goofing off at a finals tournament in April, 2017; did nothing to help us in the game, but it was still a fun time! Here Brad and Mike goof off with stuffed cephalopods, and a rubber tentacle. Seriously, these guys don’t act like they’re a day older than 12 sometimes! 🙂

Just to be on the safe side, any teams we may have put off by touching them with rubber tentacles, pouring pig’s blood on them (JK about that!) in the past just won’t be….talked to at all or interacted with before the game. If any ill will toward us remains because of any of this stuff from the past, I hereby wish it to be gone now! I wished no ill will to be done as a result of anything I may…or may not have done with rubber tentacles in the past, as weird as it seems to type this. Now where’s my magic wand?


I think I used this photo in a Star Wars blog, believe it or not…believe me, there was a reason for using it!

I’m a realist. I know there will be teams that just don’t like us, and maybe even want us to fail. I get it. This is a competitive game. I’m no stranger to competition! In junior high, I was a competitive speller, until I retired because of the “omelet incident.” When I got older, I fought for chair supremacy in high school band. The competition involved in pub trivia has NOTHING on the competition involved in band! You should SEE what they made people do when they tried out to be drum major! Lemme tell ya…there was far more to it than looking the best in that special tall hat! It was a pretty big deal when a Freshman from my graduating class got the gig, beating out several seniors who were so SURE they’d aced their tryouts. Good thing Freshman drum major guy and I didn’t play the same instrument, or that competition would have been cutthroat! Ask my brother, who was a senior when this guy dethroned him for first chair! I never heard my brother practice so much! Being a Freshman in high school band is not unlike fraternity hazing. Except no alcohol, rubber gloves, or goats, lol…But there were unflattering nicknames galore, and lots of insults. Pub trivia is FAR tamer by comparison.


As for trivia? I have teams I like to beat, too. Let’s hope we beat just enough of them on Saturday to win our spot! And let’s let any ill will begone already! 🙂


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