Trivia Recap – Oct. 26, 2017 – Wurst Bar


There were quite a lot of controversial “Saturday Night Live” hosts. There was the one who tore up a photo of Pope John Paul 2, then there was that misogynist guy…Nope, we just couldn’t come up with the right “naughty host” of SNL for the final question in Wednesday’s My Trivia Live game at The Wurst Bar! Ugh…SNL! We are so hit or miss on this category! And here the rest of the questions:
Round One
1. Movies – In what decade did Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer” take place? 5
2. SCIENCE! – What element uses the symbol CU on the Periodic Table? 3
3. Sports – What college did Hall of Famer Magic Johnson attend? 1
Round Two
1. Music – The song “Candle In the Wind” was written in 1973 to honor what person who died 11 years earlier? 5
2. Games – What game features a 52-card deck and a board full of holes in which pegs are placed? 3
3. Medical Conditions – What medical condition causes a person’s spine to curve sideways in an “S” or a “C” shape? For an extra three point bonus, what condition involves the spasm of the trigeminal nerve? Did not attempt the bonus.
Round Three
1. Presidents – Who typically administers the oath of office to the president? I did a “cross off” answer of “Calvin Coolidge’s Dad.” A little presidential trivia joke there…hardy har har!
2. Cartoons – What cartoon bird made its debut in a 1940 short called “Knock Knock?”
3. Judges – What did it mean if a Turkish judge used a pencil during sentencing? Considered the right guess, but wrote down the wrong one…in pen (a pen from the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library/Museum, if you must know! 🙂


Souvenir from the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Museum/Library in Staunton, VA.

Haftime – Give the century in which the following people were born.
Charles Darwin
Ferdinand Magellan
Jacques Cousteau
Wolfgang Mozart
Photo tie-in is guy who sang about Mozart…but you all figured that out, right? Trivia, Falco originally recorded “Der Kommisar,” though the English group After the Fire made it more popular by singing it in English. I prefer Falco’s version in German (foreign languages can be so hawt, lol).
Got them all.
Scores: Twelve teams, scores 8 to 36, with Pants in first. We were in second with 34 points. Host Stacy  accidentally gave 10 of our points to another team! While we were quick to report the score discrepancy, interestingly enough, the team that had too many points did not report the discrepancy! Maybe they’re just bad at math? 🙂
Round Four
1. Firsts – Ruth Eisemann Schier was the first woman to do what? Newsletter clue, 6
2. Directors – What legendary director’s first film was the 1929 film “Blackmail? Thought about right guy, but nope, miss for 4.
3. Reality TV – What boy band member was the first winner of “Dancing With The Stars?” TWO categories our team is generally poor with – reality TV – AND boy bands! I’m telling you…I’m allergic to boy bands! I didn’t even give a rat’s ass about Menudo when they were the shit in the early ’80s! And I only know the names of New Kids on the Block because of that “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” song! OK, boy band rant over! 🙂
Round Five
1. Mythology – What Greek god shares his name with the domain of the Underworld?
2. Cycling – What cable channel sponsored Lance Armstrong’s cycling bid from 2005 to 2007? Miss.
3. Organizations – What organization was created in 1865 to stop counterfeiting of currency? A bit of debate, but got this…
Round Six
1. Music – What music duo whose first names were Dan and Phil were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 and have also been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame? I came up with the correct answer last minute…man, that song just sounds SO date rapey!
2. Games – How many total squares are on a Scrabble board? Mike and John both put their heads together well and rocked this one…
3. Logos – What side does the Playboy bunny logo face? We REALLY should’ve just flipped a coin here…our chances of getting it correct probably better than us using our silly brains….and failing.
Scores – Twelve teams, scores 20 to 66, with Pants in first. We were in third with 54 points. The tongue twister team was in sixth with 49 points.
Final Category – SNL
Born in 1965, what host was permanently banned from SNL? There were other qualifiers for this question that I don’t recall…We missed this.
Unsure who took the first place prize.
Until next time, which will be Original Gravity Brewing Co. tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Salieri! Uh, he was Mozart’s rival in “Amadeus.” When we were talking about how young Mozart was when he died, I said, “Yeah, lots of rock stars die young.” Brad said, “He was a rock star?” “Yup,” I said. “For his time.” A little postscript!

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