Trivia Recap – October 27, 2017 – Original Gravity

Since Halloween is approaching, we have a little horror story for you all! Drama! Terror! Suspense! And a chainsaw-wielding maniac! Yes, it was trivia night in Milan, and Mike and I were heading to Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan MI to get our trivia fix. We decided to take a pre-game walk on the brisk fall evening, had a good laugh about the Alan Hale portrait studio (joked that it must be owned by the guy who played “The Skipper” on Gilligan’s Island, so lots of chuckling and “Hey little buddy.” Yeah, we’re silly like that.


Hey little buddy! Can I take your picture?

Then we strolled through Wilson Park, and there was some kind of pee-wee football thing going on. Tiny persons playing football? I’m writing this from beyond the grave because I literally died of cuteness (JK). We checked out a couple of interesting Halloween displays along “County” road, including one that had a miniature Jason with a chainsaw (see, I said there would be a chainsaw-wielding maniac, didn’t I)? Very cool! We didn’t get a picture of the Jason miniature, but we did get this photo:


Ghostrider! Will SOMEONE make a good Ghostrider movie already? 🙂

Then we went into Original Gravity and tried to find a place to sit. What? No tables? No spots at the bar? The horror! We didn’t fret too much, we’re seasoned barflies, and decided to do some scouting around. I parked myself on an old pick-up truck bench seat by the window, figuring if nothing else opened up, I could at least wait there. It was actually quite comfortable! And Mike scoured the scene. Anyone’s beer looking south? Did anyone have credit cards out getting ready to pay? Anyone packing up? We found a woman and her daughter at a table, and they were packing up. So Mike started to stalk them, all Michael Myers like (not really, lol). Turns out they were waiting for a food order, and would be off shortly. Then fortunes turned our way, and a couple of spots opened at the bar. Yay, a happy ending to this horror story! We finished with 143 points for the night and a $10 second place for game one. Big Heads Big Hearts had a first place sweep for both games, and finished first with 162 points. We sat next to them at the bar, so obviously our attempts to distract their game were unsuccessful! I’m kidding, of course…because that would just be TOO evil! And the questions, which may be shortened versions…
1. Proverbs – A stitch in time saves what?
2. Title Roles – Emily Blunt played the title character in what 2016 mystery/thriller drama based on a best selling Paula Hawkins novel? Miss.
3. NHL Rules – Within two, in what year was the shootout introduced to break ties if a game remained tied after overtime? Miss.
4. Poems – Who was the subject of a Longfellow poem mentioning a person watching the Old North Church?
5. Talent Shows – Susan Boyle received international acclaim in 2009 for singing a song from what musical on “Britain’s Got Talent?” For an extra nerd bonus, what was the name of the song? Miss and miss.
6. Universities – Drake University is located in the capital city of what Midwestern state? Miss.
7. Business – Lloyd’s of London is most closely associated with what business industry? Miss.
8. Musicians – Who was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1992; the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Long Island Musicians Hall of Fame in 2006? FB clue.
9. Animal Kingdom – Theriidae is also referred to as the “combfooted” type of what insect? Host gave all teams credit for points on this one regardless of the answer…which was NOT an insect.
10. Theme Parks – In 2017,what theme park in Orlando officiated the opening of Volcano Bay waterpark?
Mystery – Quickfire
Name four of the first nine elements on the Periodic Table with a full name of six letters or fewer. Only managed to get two of these correct, talked ourselves out of a couple of correct ones (what a horror story – us missing an elements mystery round)!
We were in sixth going into the half with 48 points. Big heads Big Hearts in first with 64 points.
Final Category – Mickey Mouse
The 1929 animated short The Karnival Kid features the first time Mickey Mouse ever spoke. His first words were the name of the food he was selling. What kind of food was it?
And the reason I knew this one is very odd indeed. And it’s because of a game recap More Beer Less Pants posted a while back, I actually remembered they had a similar question (or something)? Thanks for that little lifeline ; ) We got second, BHBH got first. They really brought their “A” game on Thursday! We were so not worthy!
Game Two
1. Higher Ed – What does G stand for in the GRE test given to college students?
2. Directors – For what 1977 film did Steven Spielberg receive his first nomination for best director? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, within 1, how many films has Spielberg been nominated for best director? Got this plus the bonus.
3. MLB Teams – Which current MLB franchise previously played as the Washington Senators and the Washington Nationals before adopting their current name in 1961? Needed Brad for this one, miss.
4. Record Holders – Scott Kelly and Peggy Whitson hold the record for being the American man and American woman spending the most time where? Considered the right answer, went with another, miss.
5. Trains – What was the westernmost stop on the Orient Express, which began in Constantinople? Mike’s board game mojo kicked in here with success…plus logic!
6. Dance Music – Audio clue of 8-bit version of a song we recognized but could not name – or name the artist, so double miss (bonus point for naming the artist).
7. Dr. Seuss – What Seuss book has the line “You’ve got brains in your head” (etc)? This is very abbreviated (getting ready to leave house soon, forgive me).
8. Cocktails – What fruit juice is added to vodka to make a Cape Cod?
9. Medicine – What branch of medicine focuses on elderly people? Re-racked with success here, which substitute host AC allowed once per game.
10. Symbols – What Greek symbol’s name means “little star” and is also a symbol on a standard keyboard?
Visual Mystery:

Flip-flopped Just Shoot Me and George Lopez.
Scores – 11 teams, 45 points to 61, with BHBH again in first. We were in fourth with 55 points playing under the moniker “I see dead people, Charlie Brown.”
Final Category – Geography
Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world by area. What Asian nation is the 2nd largest landlocked country?
Got it, but so did enough teams ahead of us, so no prizes…BHBH took first, unsure who took second, there was a tiebreaker to be settled between two teams, unsure who won. Well that’s all for now, folks! We’ll be taking this weekend off from trivial pursuits, so host Liz, we’ll catch you on the rebound next Saturday! Happy Halloween in advance to all of you! Go Pods!

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