New trivia competition at our bar? Bring it on, baby!


It’s time for a Wednesday update! Very exciting news – it seems there is another good My Trivia live team in the mix at The Wurst Bar on Wednesdays! Its name is “Sure,sir, the ship’s sure shipshape sir,” per the host Stacy. Anyone want to try saying THAT name five times fast? No? How about our team name? If you do that, you just might summon Cthulhu himself, but you have to be looking in a mirror when you do it, lol.

We are currently tied for first along with “Team Pants” at four games in with 243 points, and this new team trails us both by a mere four points! Anything can happen at this point in the season, of course! I’ve already talked to the team about the new competition in the bar, and of course I have asked that we bring our “A” game each and every week! Competitive trivia spots are nothing new to us, when we first attempted to qualify for semifinals at Wurst in the summer of 2016, we had to rally the troops and make a big push to move into the number two spot (two teams get to qualify from Wurst for semifinals). We like to say that there’s nothing more dangerous than cephalopods when their backs are to the wall! Uh, do cephalopods actually HAVE backs? No matter, you get the drift!

We not only welcome the competition but thrive upon it! It’s what makes us live up to our name! Speaking of competition, we’ve made a “mid-season” decision to throw our hats into the ring at Original Gravity in Milan and attempt to earn a finals spot. We also still plan to continue playing at Oscar’s in Saline on Saturdays (though we will miss this weekend’s game). We managed to win a tournament spot at Original Gravity last season, though in true ‘Pods fashion, we had to put up a pretty good fight to do it. The first half of the season was pretty dismal for us there, but an end of season push proved to be successful, and even in the venue tournament game competition got a little heated!

In other news, there is some talk about possibly doing one game at an old trivia haunt – ABC Microbrewery (aka Corner Brewery) sometime in November. We’ll let you all know if that actually happens! Spoiler – family may be involved in that game!

Sly-and-the-Family-Stone (1).jpg

This family isn’t the one we invited to our trivia night! 🙂

Well, that’s about it for now, we’ll see y’all in the next recap, which will be posted sometime Thursday afternoon. As always, Go Pods!

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