Trivia Recap – Oct. 19, 2017 – The Wurst Bar


Is it a good – or a bad thing – when you overhear people from a rival trivia team you’ve never met – mention your trivia team by name after the trivia game is done? Well, if nothing else, at least they pronounced “cephalopods” correctly! If I had a nickel for every time a trivia host or other person mispronounced “cephalopods,” I’d have probably about a half a pint glass full of nickels! Well, maybe not quite THAT many, but you get the drift! At one of our recent tournaments, we decided to use the “Go Pods” name rather than risk having a host who didn’t know us mispronouncing our name! Our regular “foursome” plus a couple of others represented the ‘Pods in our My Trivia Live game Wednesday at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy. We finished in first for the night, winning a $30 gift card after getting a final question that “may” have caused a bit of a “triviagasm!” I was so excited about knowing the answer, that I literally scrawled the answer on some scrap paper – when Brad got a look at it, he said “What’s that supposed to be?” Aren’t jokes about my horrible handwriting getting old yet? Apparently not! Despite this little communication breakdown, we managed to turn in the correct answer, and the rest? Well read on to find out more!
Round One
1. Family Dogs – The dog who played Buddy in the 1997 film “Air Bud” is the same dog who played Comet in what TV series featuring the Olson twins? 5
2. Money – Which building is featured on the back side of a $5 bill? 3
3. Advertising – What ”80s “eat ’em up” game was used to help advertise Reese’s peanut butter cups featuring Reese’s pieces inside of them? God those look SO good in the ads…(drool), 1.
Round Two
1. Film Quotes – In the 1997 film “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion,” what office item does Michelle claim that she invented? I was literally just talking about this movie with a friend hours before the trivia game. And her name is Michelle (go figure)! And like Michelle in the movie, she would probably also be able to improvise a formula for glue on the spot just like Lisa Kudrow did! When she and I get together, we’re sometimes guilty of acting like Romy and Michelle (true story). Got this for 5.

2. Medical science – What is the Jarvik 7 credited with doing in 1982? 3
3. Twitter – As of August, 2017, seven of the most liked tweets on Twitter were posted by what former world leader? For an extra three points, Carter Wilkerson posted the most retweeted tweet of all time when he pushed for a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets from what restaurant? I remembered this being the subject of a question in a previous game, and for some reason I think it was asked at Johnny’s Grill, so we got this 3 point bonus plus the other question correct.
Round Three
1. Retail – Steven Shore and Barry Prevor founded what now defunct retail chain in 1985, which at its peak had about 300 stores in the U.S.? An easy one for anyone living near Ann Arbor…almost TOO easy! 5
2. Quiz Shows – What rhyming name describes the three-person team of people who help provide video clues on the TV series “Jeopardy?” Sylvia came up with the right answer here, 1
3. In the News – Carmen Cruz is the mayor of what world capital, that became the focus of headlines in October, 2017? 3
Halftime – In association with the national hot dog and sausage council, what are the for most popular hot dog toppings for consumers ages 18 and older?
Got three of these correct.
Scores: Thirteen teams, scores 14 to 36, with the ‘Pods in first. Team Pants was in fifth with 33 points.
Round Four
1. Bans – What was the first U.S. state to ban slavery? Newsletter answer, 6 (though this was given to us because the incorrect answer was published on the web site).
2. Fictional Fears – Gerascophobia, which Peter Pan suffered, is a fear of what? 4
3. Diseases – Most commonly found in children after an animal scratch of bite, what is the common name for the disease caused by the Bartonella henselae bacteria? 2
Round Five
1. Wednesday – What was the name of Wednesday Addams’ older brother on “The Addams Family?”
2. Comic Characters – What is the name of Wonder Woman’s mother, who shares her name with an Amazon queen from Greek mythology? This sparked a conversation about Hercules and his “panty raid,” lol…4
3. NFL Teams – What three letter combination is the most common one for the endings of NFL team names? 2
Round Six
1. Restaurants – What successful 1993 film inspired the “supersizing”concept by McDonald’s?
2. Einstein – Until Einstein disproved its existence with his Theory of Relativity in 1915, what planet was believed to have existed between Mercury and the Sun? Miss for 4.
3. Full Names – Barbara Millicent Roberts is the better known name of what toy introduced in 1959? 2
Finished the six rounds with 68 points.
Scores: Fourteen teams, scores 45 to 68 with ‘Pods in first. Team Pants was in ninth with 55 points.
Final Category – The Sound of Silence
Filmed in 1963, what is the second most recent silent film housed in the Library of Congress?
Final Scores: Team Pants, 100; Do these Protons Make My Mass Look Big, 126 and ‘Pods, 136.
Until next time, which will be tonight. Look for a game recap of that game on Friday afternoon!

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