Trivia Recap – Oct. 20, 2017 – Original Gravity Brewing Co.


If I said Thursday’s Sporcle Live game at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI marked the first time we’d used a Dungeons & Dragons die (d20) to determine a final question wager, I’d be lying!



A 20-sided die, typically used in D&D for rolling to hit monsters, saving throws and skill checks and for figuring out how much to wager in a pub trivia game!

We’ve resorted to letting probability make our decisions for us in trivia games in the past! I flipped a coin on a tough “either/or” halftime round in a My Trivia Live game at Powell’s, and wound up getting six points out of a possible 10 points correct! In a March 28, 2017 Sporcle game at Johnny’s Grill, we used a d20 for a final question wager, rolled a 6, and wound up getting a second place prize! Interestingly enough, in both instances where we’ve used the d20 to determine our wagers on final questions – the categories have been television! In Thursday’s game, the d20 told us to wager four points on the final question about “Television Ratings.” Sometimes the “bones” fail you, though! I rolled a d12 for a question that needed a month for the answer and the darn 12-sided die didn’t pick the right month!


D12, used in D&D for rolling hit dice for barbarians, using a greataxe to attack a small or medium sized creature, weapon damage, or for picking a month for a “months” question in a pub trivia game – its uses are endless! Trivia, a 12-sided polygon is also called a “dodecahedron!”

In Thursday’s game, we finished in second for the night with a “meh” 98 points. A tough final question about John Steinbeck in game two sunk quite a few teams (including ours). We won a first place prize/$20 gift card in game one on a tiebreaker. Shout out to Doug from “Suck it Trebek” for winning his first trivia prize on Thursday (a $10 gift card). Big news…we’re now eyeing this place as a spot to qualify for the league championship! We’re taking a risk, since we can only play the minimum number of games, but we’ve been playing too well here lately to NOT throw our hats in the ring at the venue tournament! Mike’s opinion of the place has softened a bit (winning prize money helps, as does a low-alcohol easy drinking beer!). And let’s get to those questions, shall we?
Game One
1. Time Pieces – Founded in London in 1905, what Swiss watch maker is the largest luxury watch maker in the world? Cautious wager of 4.
2. Kings – Henry the Eighth hailed from what royal house? Multiple choices were given, but I’m not including them here! This one should be pretty easy! 10
3. Musical Performances – What is the name of the stick used by conductors to enhance bodily performance while leading a band or orchestra? I actually had the opportunity to conduct a band once – while I was sub teaching a middle school band class in Belleville! True story (and the saxophone section was definitely off their game, tsk, tsk)! Something I’ll never forget…got this for 9.
4. Government – What age is mentioned in the 26th Amendment? Debated between two, picked the right one, but for only 5.
5. Internet – Typically displayed as a series of numbers and letters on web sites, what is the name for the device used to determine whether an Internet user is human? 8
6. Olympic Hosts – In 2022, what city will host the winter Olympic games and will become the first city to host both the winter and the summer games? Miss – wonder if Brad would’ve known this one? Miss for 1.
7. Game Shows – Beginning in October, 2017, what rapper will begin hosting a reboot of “The Joker’s Wild” on TBS? I’ve been watching a bit more TV than normal lately while I recently recovered from a cold, and I just KNEW this would be the subject of a trivia question! 7
8. Canada – What is the only U.S. state to border Alberta? 3
9. We had a 6 point and 2 point remaining, and weren’t totally sure on our confidence of the last two categories!
9. Muscles – What is the name for the type of skeletal muscle that when contracted, bends a joint? This is not exactly how the question was worded, but it should still be good (thank you Google), 6.
10. Tom Cruise – For what 1999 film did Tom Cruise receive the Oscar nomination for best supporting actor? Had to really think here, was it the one with “that” iconic quote? Or was it that horrible one that was kind of a mind f—? Eventually stumbled upon the right movie, woot! 2
Mystery – This Day in History
On this day in history…
1. 2005: What former world leader went on trial for crimes against humanity
2. 1969: Birth of “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker, who also won multiple Tony awards for what musical
3. 1789: John Jay was sworn in to be the first person to hold what position in U.S. government
4. 2012: (this one was very oddly worded, I’m going to do my best to revamp it) – Name of character originally played by Morgan Freeman but played by Tyler Perry in a 2012 film
Missed #4
Scores – Unsure how many teams played in game one…top scores were Bad Moms Club, 40; Big Heads Big Hearts, 48; Suck It Trebek, 51; Make It So, Number One, 58 and You’re at Camp Crystal Lake, Charlie Brown (aka ‘Pods), 63.
Final Category – Television Ratings
Two television shows that have aired on CBS share the record for most seasons as the highest rated show on TV according the Nielsen ratings, with five seasons each. Name one of those shows.
Got it, but our “weird” d20 wager of four points put us in a tiebreaker! Which I actually liked – I haven’t done a tiebreaker in a while!
Geography – What U.S. state west of the Mississippi is the smallest in area? And Mike thankfully knew this one, so we won the tiebreaker and $20.

Game Two
1. Comedic Actors – What comedic actor from the TV show “Community” also played a repair man in the 2009 film “Hot tub Time Machine?” 10
2. Tennis – What is the value of the first point in a game of tennis? 5
3. Europe – Name one of the two largest European countries to have both the capital and name of the country begin with the same letter. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point, got for 9 plus the bonus.
4. Insects – What is the only known inset to be able to turn its head 180 degrees? 8


Animated version of this insect from “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.”

5. ’90s Hits – Audio clip of a “Boy Band” song played backwards, I had my choices narrowed down to two and tossed a coin. Fail! Didn’t even include the right band in the two choices! I have a hunch that Kimberly probably would have spotted the clip…miss for 1.
6. Mascots – What mascot for the U.S. Forest Service’s s known for the catchphrase, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute?” 7
7. TV Locations – The Tangiers, Rampart, Eclipse and Whiskey Town are fictional casinos in what TV series? Nope, miss for 2.
8. Math – In mathematics, what is the 10-letter word for any real number that can not be represented as a simple fraction divided by another? Mike is usually good with this category, but this stumped us for 3.
9. Astrology – What zodiac sign immediately follows Capricorn in the calendar? And special thanks to Sporcle Live with Jo’El for playing a “certain” song from “Hair” per my request! Got this for 6.
10. Boating – What color are the lights on the starboard side of a marine vessel? Miss for 4.
Mystery – Only got #1 and #4 correct. This was tough! And I really liked the #2 song when I was a kid!

Top scores: Suck it Trebek, 41; ???, 40; Make it So, Number One, 39; You’re at Camp Crystal Lake, Charlie Brown, 50 and Big Heads, Big Hearts, 56.
Final Category – Literature
Gabilan is the name of the title character of a John Steinbeck novella first published in its entirety in 1937. What kind of animal is Gabilan?
No clue…and we wagered 20! A couple of teams wound up knowing this one, so wagering zero wouldn’t have helped us.
Final Scores: ???, 64; and Make It So, Number One (I think their league name is Where’s Trey).
Well, we didn’t make it to the MTL finals this time, so best wishes from us for any teams vying for prizes at Aubree’s in South Lyon on Saturday! Since I won’t be there, I won’t be able to do a recap of that game (duh).  Maybe someone else will bring some extra paper and write down the questions! Maybe I should roll a d20 to determine the odds of THAT happening! We’ll be playing our game Saturday at Oscar’s, so I’ll have a recap of that game on Sunday (or maybe a bit later). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Lenny and George!

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