Trivia Recap – Aug. 9, 2017 – McShane’s Pub

To us, McShane’s Pub Ypsilanti will always be that bar where we sat and had some drinks while we did laundry next door. Doesn’t that seem like a good business idea? Make some money from selling drinks while people do their laundry? Can laundromats even get liquor licenses? I think they can in Panama, but then when you get your driver’s license there, you also get your gun license! At least you did in the early 1990s, unsure about that now. Yes, back in the late 1990s, McShane’s was called Roundtree, and there was an adjacent laundromat (there is a styling salon there now). Since there is nothing more utterly boring than sitting in a laundromat waiting for your clothes to wash/dry, Mike and I killed some time at Roundtree playing cards and drinking some beers while waiting for our laundry to be finished. Fast forward close to 20 years, and we found ourselves checking out McShane’s Tuesday night My Trivia Live trivia scene hosted by Stacy, with plans only to use our $20 gift certificate we’d won the week before. We wound up flubbing the final question after heading into the final in first, choosing the wrong small/populous state out of two we had been discussing. Meh, those things happen! Can’t win ’em all! And the questions…
Round One
1. Musicians – What middle nickname did Nathaniel Cole adopt professionally? 5
2. History – In what ocean was the Battle of Midway fought during World War 2? 3
3. Food – What food comes in three sizes – jumbo, medium and pee wee? Wonder what the pee wee ones look like…I’ll bet it’s super cute! 1
Round Two
1. Gambling – How many landing spaces are there on an American roulette wheel? Dammit, we were only off by ONE….miss for 3 points.
2. Landmarks – Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln Borglum created what national monument? 5
3. Superheroes – What superheroes came about when the wizard Zordon recruited teenagers with attitude to fight Rita Repulsa? For an extra three-point bonus, Arthur Curry is the “real name” of what superhero? Got both of these.
Round Three
1. Movies – What 1969 Paul Newman film begins with the line “Most of what follows is true? 5
2. Football – The New Jersey Generals of the USFL made a big splash when they drafted what Heisman trophy winner in the first round? Nope, miss for 1.
3. Mythology – What is being referenced in the warning “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?” 3


Eat me! Our halftime round was about snack cakes, which I did not write down. But it did make me reminisce about Little Debbie cakes!

Scores – Ten teams, scores 14 to 35, with Five Fantastic Frogs in first. We were in third with 30, tied with Mod Squad and My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t.
Round Four
1. Holidays – What US President made father’s Day a permanent national holiday to be celebrated the third Sunday in June? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. TV – Even though the show’s theme song was an instrumental, what TV theme song had the lyrics, “She smiles, Presto the rain goes/She blinks, up come the rainbows/
Cars stop/ even the train goes slow?” 4
3. Baseball – Who is the most recent pitcher to hit the 300 wins plateau in MLB? Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. What U.S. president tried using the Bobby McFerrin song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song in his campaign for president in 1988, but was asked not to use the song by McFerrin, because he supported the other candidate? God THAT song! I remember thinking “Wow, this is kind of neat” the first few times I heard it, then…”Please…make it STOP!” Not unlike another “happy” song that was popular recently. Got this for 6.
2. Books – Who wrote “The Feminine Mystique?” 4
3. Materials – Made from calfskin, how did people historically use vellum?
Round Six
1. Capitals – What is the only U.S. capital city to not share any letters in its name with the state for which it is capital? I started quickly writing down as many capital cities as I could, and when I got to #27, bam…in the nick of time we got this for 6.
2. Companies – Even though they are not a tire company, what company made 318 million tires in 2011, more than Bridgestone, Goodyear or Michelin? Seemed so obvious when they revealed the answer, miss for 2.
3. Movies – What back-to-back movies starring David Spade and Chris Farley were released in the 1990s? 4
Scores heading into the final: Ten teams, scores 20 to 62, with us in first.
Final Category – U.S. Cities
Of the top 10 most populous U.S. states according to the 2010 Census, which state is the smallest in terms of land area? Lots, and lots of discussion, and we wound up debating between one which would have been correct – and one that would be next on the list. And we picked #11….d’oh!
One is the Loneliest Number took first. Go Mike! This completes our two-week engagement of playing here, unsure when we will be back. I’ve had a couple of Wednesdays off, so it’s worked out to play here for a couple of weeks. We’ll see when we’ll be back! We’re a bit commitment-phobic when it comes to trivia these days, lol! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Richard Nixon!

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