Trivia Recap – July 21, 2017 – Original Gravity

Who was it who said, “Never give up – never surrender?” Oh yeah, someone said that in the 1999 film “Galaxy Quest.” And didn’t ’80s singer Corey Hart have a song called “Never Surrender?” Think think think….someone far more famous and important MUST have uttered these words, or some variant thereof..who was it? Oh yeah, Winston Churchill, who said, “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in trivia competition, nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” OK, so I kind of added the words “trivia competition” here! We managed to finish the Sporcle Live trivia season Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. with a bang – 163 points total – one first/one second place prize. Special thanks to “guest” player Matt, who was in town to go to the “beer fest” this weekend in Ypsilanti with his brother and longtime ‘Pod David. There was nice teamwork all around on this trivia night! We managed to finish in second overall here for the season, just one point behind More Beer Less Pants. It’s been a tough slog, and it’s kind of felt more like a ground war than a trivia competition on most nights! We only managed to win a total of $40 in prize money here all season, despite many, many close calls. Now we just have one more game to go, which will determine which OG team gets to represent the bar at the league championship Aug. 6. We’re still in the running! We’re not giving in, Mr. Churchill! And now for something completely different…trivia questions!
Game One
1. Bodies of Water – Mobile bay lies within what U.S. state? A bit of discussion between a couple of possibilities, got this for 3.
2. Toys – What toy, launched by Worlds of Wonder in 1985, was a teddy bear fitted with a tape recorder and whose mouth and eyes moved when a tape was played? 10
3. Movie Awards – What 2016 drama was nominated for best picture, best actress and best supporting actor but only managed to win one of those awards? Discussed the right movie, but picked the wrong one…miss for 2.
4. Communication – Name one of the two letters that require a hand motion in ASL. Name both for an extra “nerd” point. And I have my uncle to thank for why I knew this one…when I was a kid, he taught me all the ASL letters (he was a cop and was required to learn this). I really don’t think I still remember ALL 26 letters, but remembered the “motion” ones! Got this for 9 plus the bonus.
5. Milk – Milk with 3.25 percent milkfat or higher is classified as what? 8
6. ’90s TV – Audio clue of theme song from short-lived 1992 series…song was “How do you talk to an Angel?” Could not come up with this, unfortunately, though we did make an effort. Miss for 1.
7. Clothing – What term describes a small item of clothing featuring a false front collar? I work in a clothing store, and back when I first started working here, I would occasionally get customers asking for these (which we did not carry). 7
8. Geometry (this one is for you, Kimberly) – In degrees, what is the sum of the interior angles of an octagon? Mike and Dave both teamed up on this one (and they even showed their work, lol…), 6. Glad they didn’t have to lean on me for THIS question! 😉
9. Song Titles – What day of the week is referenced in a 1972 song by Chicago describing a day in the park? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what holiday is mentioned in the song? They did not ask this in the game, but I’m sure some readers will know this one!
10. Presidential Quotes – What failed military action was described by John F. Kennedy in this quote – “Victory has 100 fathers, but defeat is an orphan?” 5
Mystery – Add ’em up – sports edition – Sum total of the following will be the number of black and white panels on a standard soccer ball.
1. Number of current NFL teams with mascots beginning with the letter “R”
2. Number of NBA teams playing in the Pacific time zone
3. Number of teams Alex Rodriguez played for in his MLB career
4. Number of minutes in a standard hockey period in NHL
Dave, Matt and I all teamed up very well on this one – the only one we missed was #3. Thanks Matt for remembering the Kings! I almost always miss one of the sports teams in California, lol…and for the record, I call shenanigans on two teams in the same state having this name! When I become the great Sportsball/Sportspuck Commissioner, I will see that one of those two teams changes their name – and they will have to fight to the death gladiator style to decide which team keeps their name! Show of hands who would want to watch THIS? OK, over and out with this little jaunt into megalomania!
Standings – Fourteen teams, scores ranging from 40 to 64 with Good King Snugglewumps in first. We were in second playing under the moniker “Keeping It In the Family.” I actually wanted to use the more racy name “If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in your family” but figured the host would not want to read the name…
Final Category – Classic Literature
What 1895 novel is subtitled “An Invention”? Host also said this was a science fiction novel.
Final Standings – ‘Pods, 82; Snugglewumps, 83.
Game Two
1. Singers- What Colombian singer performed the official song for the 2010 World Cup? 10
2. Baby Care – “Swaddlers” and “Easy Ups” are two of the types of diapers offered by what Procter and Gamble company? Came up with right guess right away, but talked ourselves out of it, miss for 2.
3. Sports Awards – What annual award is given to the best defensive player at each position in the National League and American League in MLB? Dave and Matt teamed up well here, but only got this for 3.
4. ’90s Comedies – Shannon Elizabeth played the foreign exchange student Nadia in what 1999 comedy film? 9
5. SCIENTISTS! – The standard derived unit of magnetic flux density is name for what inventor and engineer? Dave the hero here…8.
6. Video Games – What video game franchise has sequels called Black Ops, among others? Did not write all of these down…but this video game question is too easy if I knew it! 7
7. Translations – What country’s name translates into Spanish as Reino Unido? Mike gets this one….
8. Celebrity Marriages – Rita Wilson married what Academy Award winning actor in 1988? For an extra “nerd” bonus, these two met on the set of what 1985 film? Got the points, missed the bonus – picked another 1985, but not one that Wilson was in. And I really, really hope that the film I put down will one day be a trivia question answer!
9. Food – What type of nut, from the state tree of Texas, is featured prominently in many types of southern cuisine? FB clue…
10. Recreation – During the 1980s and 1990s, what brand helped popularize in-line skating? 1
Mystery – Again, nice teamwork on this one, got all of these.
Scores- Twelve teams, scores ??? to 61, with Team Mott and us tied for first.
Final Category – Fictional Characters
Put these fictional cats in chronological order, from earliest to latest, according to their first appearance in print or on screen:
Fritz the Cat
Sylvester the Cat
Morris the Cat
Felix the Cat
Teamwork again…got this right.
Final Scores: Mascot (???), 80; ‘Pods, 81.
Until next time…which will be next Wednesday for our weekly Stacy game at The Wurst Bar. Good luck to all the teams who will be vying for finals spots in the venue tournaments next week! We know too well how tough of a thing that can be…As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ralph Bakshi! The movie “Fritz the Cat,” BTW, is something else…if you want to see human boobs on animals, fuhgeddaboutit! And the “crow” characters make this movie just about as racist as Dumbo! And the recap photo is actually kind of tame compared to some others from the film. Whatever you do, don’t do an image search of the movie, and if you do, don’t look at the bathtub orgy scene! Why are you looking at it? We said DON’T do it! 😉

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