Trivia Recap – July 31, 2017 – YpsiAlehouse (Sporcle Venue Tournament)

Another Sporcle Live trivia season is almost in the books. Though there is still one more chapter to write – the story of the league championship, which will not happen until Sunday. Another chapter came to a close on Sunday, with a few trivia teams at the YpsiAlehouse in Ypsilanti, MI battling it out for a coveted tournament spot with a show hosted by Sporcle and Shine with Emily. The top dogs Teamy McTeamface predictably took the honors for a second consecutive season. Sunday I sat in with the longtime league team Corn Fritters, whose players included MarianArchieLinda and Mike W., who does not do the social media thing…We had a bit of a rough go of it in game one, missing a few regular round questions – and just barely missing the final question about banned movies. We made a nice comeback in game two, managing to take the $20 gift card – based on the strength of Archie’s avid love of reading! It’s not uncommon to see Archie (and Linda) reading books while they sit at the bar at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (aka Corner Brewery to the locals), which serves up trivia on Wednesday nights. The YpsiAlehouse has been offering trivia since April of 2016, and we played a couple of seasons here, but weekends became too difficult to get a decent group of players together. And how about the questions…
Game One
1. TV Franchises – “Next Class” is the subtitle of what currently airing TV drama series? I have never heard of this series…miss for 1.
2. State Borders – Idaho borders what Canadian province? Picked one a bit too far east, miss for 5.
3. MMA – Conor McGregor has three losses in his professional MMA career, the most recent of which came to what fighter at the UFC 196 in March, 2016? Huh? What’s MMA? You know it’s gonna be bad when you ask what a category means…Archie knew what it meant and I later remembered watching some of this shirtless, pointless violence in local watering hole…still not enough to lodge this knowledge from anyone’s brains. Speaking of pointless…Miss.
4. Movie Jobs – In the 1998 film “You’ve Got Mail” (more like you’ve got bad grammar…don’t get me started on this movie title!), the characters played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan each run what type of rivaling retailers? Yup..
5. Climate- What is the four-letter word describing a location that receives little to no rain? “Get a little closer…don’t be shy…get a little closer…with (blank) extra dry…” This product has one more letter…
6. Books – What geographic location completes the title of a 1947 series of short stories by James Michener, called
Tales of the (two words)? Got it, Mike was all over this.
7. Governors – Susana Martinez became the governor of New Mexico in 2011. Name one of the two governors who preceded her – both for an extra bonus” point.
8. DJs – DJ and producer Baaueris is best known for what single that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2013? Miss.
9. Fruit – What fruit is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and Philipines? Miss, though we did consider the correct one. Miss for 4.
10. Advertising – What fast-food company had a short-lived slogan for a double cheeseburger with the tagline “I’d HIt That?” Miss for 6.
Mystery – Name four of the biggest moneymaking writers as of 2016. Got two of these, Linda came up with one of the right ones toward the end, woot!
Scores – Eight teams – scores 31 to 51 with Annie’s College Fund in first. The Fritters were tied for third with Chief Running With Scissors with 41 points.
Final Category – Banned Movies
A certain 2008 film was banned in Thailand became the Minister of Culture feared teenagers would try to make their own adult films. Name the actors playing the title characters in this film. Decent teamwork, first we had to come up with the right movie, initially thought of a movie made a few years earlier that also had an “adult film” plot line, but this film did not have “title characters.” So we were on the right track. Marian/Mike and I teamed up to come up with the woman’s name, and tried to think of the right guy, with Mike suggesting a guy who looked similar to the right guy. Nope, just couldn’t think of the right guy. Seriously, I only saw that movie once, and the guy looks quite a bit different now than he did then. And to think we’ve used a parody of that movie title as a trivia team name before (adding the words Cthulu and tentacle, of course). Disappointed…I feel had I not been so tired I might’ve come up with this guy’s name. These earlier shifts are affecting my trivia mojo! The humanity! 🙂
Game winners – Teamy McTeamface, 62; Annie’s College Fund, 74.
Game Two
1. Pioneers – What aircraft pioneer founded a company with George Conrad Westervelt in 1916, producing the B&W Seaplane? On a hunch we decided the letter B was a huge clue…got this for 10.
2. Psychology – What is the English translation of Sigmund Freud’s book “Die Tramdeutung?” I had the right guess for this one, but we weren’t real confident, only wagered 3.
3. The Caribbean – Puerto Rico lies immediately to the east of what other country? And for an extra nerd bonus point, what is the capital of that country? Nope and nope…we picked a country to the east, just a bit too far east, miss for 5.
4. High Grossing Films – Out of 30 films that have grossed more than $1 billion, how many of those are “Star Wars” franchises? Right guess, thanks to Archie’s reasoning, but only for 1.
5. Architects – Most of the works of architect Antoni Gaudi including the Sagrada are located in what city? Mike and I came up with correct guess on this one.
6. Retail – What retailer was founded in 1899 as S.S. Kresgke Co.? A gimme for any team playing in Michigan, got this for 9.
7. Recurring Roles – What actor had a recurring role as Hank Rizzoli on “Parenthood?” Miss for 2.
7. Special Skills – Static, swinging, and flying are among the types of circus acts performed using what apparatus? 7
8. Musicians – Zak Starkey is the son what what musician? There was more to this question…got this for 6.
Mystery – Jim Carrey Movies
Identify the Jim Carrey movies based on the characters he played and the release years.
1. Stanley Ipkiss, 1994
2. Andy Kaufman, 1999
3. Count Olaf, 2004
4. Sal Bertolini, 2013
Missed #4, tricky, because that is not the name most viewers might remember from that movie.
Scores – Nine teams, scores 5 (did they leave?) to 58, with Annie’s College Fund’s “B” team in first. We/Fritters were in third with 50 points.
Final Category – Book Titles
What 10-letter word is used in conjunction with the following other words, in a series of books published between 1942 and 1993? Prelude, Forward, Empire, Second and Earth?
This was ALL Archie…
Final Standings: Annie’s College Fund, 67; Corn Fritters, 70. Teamy won the night overall with 109 points. As always, Go Fritters/Go Pods, and stay classy…everyone! 😉 This winky emoji must have something in its eye, lol…why am I using THIS emoji? This 🐙 is the one to use (boy do I need sleep…I am getting punch drunk)! Until next time, which “might” be a Tuesday game. Or might not…Wednesday for sure!

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